Oregon State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people, the campus, the city, the housing. It's a pretty great place.


The best thing about Oregon state university is the availability of the professors. As a student I have always made a point to visit professors. This increases my relationship with the professors, which makes them more willing to help me when I need it. Office hours are always clearly stated on the syllabus at the beginning of the term. If the time given does not match well with a students schedule they are happy to schedule an appointment. This is very important for a school to have because it creates a better learning environment and easy access to extra help.


We have a very open and beutiful campus. There are alot of sporting and club opurtunities at the University and there always seems to be something to do. Its much different from high school where three are slow parts of the education plan. here ther is always some where to be and something to do. So if this kind of life style suits you like it does me then OSU is the place for you!


Oregon State University has incredible advisers and post-graduate career connections. These people are always available for coaching and advice, and they really seem like they care. Because of this, I have high hopes of finding a suitable career after I complete my degree.


The best thing about my school is the staff. I have always been able to reach a member of the staff at any time and had my questions and concerned answered immediatly or referred to someone who did have the ability to help me.


The enormous variety of activities and opportunities makes Oregon State a premier school. Social dancing, sporting events, undergraduate research, and musical activities are all extremely popular. It was a nice surprise for me coming to OSU to find that it isn't exactly the norm to drink yourself into a stupor every weekend.


The diversity of academic programs offered is well varied and able to encompass many of the needs of students who are attending or wish to attend here.


I love all of the different cubs, groups, and activities that are offered to students.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the availability and encouragment of options. Oregon State University is the kind of school that anyone could attend and find a major that is suitable for them. There is a lot of variety to the types of classes offered, which makes undecided students feel less overwhelmed in their decision. This demonstrated by the school's overall encouragment towards students to try and attend new classes. Oregon State prides itself in students open-mindedness and curiosity to try new classes to ensure their focus is one that is perfect for them.


It's science department


The thing that makes OSU unique is that, even though we have a large campus with hundreds of buildings, everything is easy to find. Most of the classroom buildings are on Campus Way and Jefferson Way. The rest of campus has the typical dorms, dining centers, administrative buildings, and more, but OSU also has large areas of fields and trees, which I feel makes the difference. It gives students a place to hang out, play games, and more!


OSU will finally be smoke free on September 1st!!! I cannot wait. I have no idea if that is unique to only a few colleges but it is something I am so excited about!


I think the best part of Oregon State University is how easy it is to get involved, we have numerous clubs, sports and student body governments.


I would consider dedication the best thing about Oregon State. Everyone here is dedicated, from the professors to the teacher's assistants and even the students, or at least the majority of students. They are dedicated not just to the University but to learning more, to teaching more, to increasing their knowledge and preparing young adults for a strong career in the future. All of the teachers I have had have not only cared about what they are teaching and known the subject well, but made themselves available for help even in very large classes. I appreciate that very much.


OSU's campus is unique for a lot of reasons. I would say what makes it very unique is the huge, very old, trees on it, as well as the classic style buildings which all match one another. It's such a beautiful campus and there are so many resources on campus that make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly unique because it houses so many options that serve any interest groups.


The community at Oregon State University is outstanding, everyone is so friendly and helpful. You will have no problems meeting new people, friends, and making great memories.


Oregon State University's student body is very diverse. Differences are generally respected and embraced.


I feel that the quality of the professors and the makeup of the student body are my schools best qualities.


I really like the enthusiastic response the professors have about teaching. I have heard of schools where the professors are just teaching because they are required to not because they want to, but I have never come across that at OSU. Most of the professors show up happy to be there that day and very knowledgable about what they are supposed to be teaching about.


Our school is extremely friendsly with an absolutely beautiful campus, but our student services are fantastic. A state of the art gym, psychological services, craft center, cultural centers, computing centers, wi fi all over campus, and numerous health services, all for free. There are also other services in various departments for reduced prices for students.


I think the best thing about OSU is that there is a lot of possibilites out there. The OSU community is ready to help you be happy and try out fun and new things. There are a lot of fun PAC classes and music classes and tons of clubs that can make your four year college experience a real one.


I love the school because of its opportunities and the wide spread diversity that it offers. The courses are challenging and competitive making it fun to be in school and there are always things to do.


The best thing about the school is the Science and Engineering colleges. Oregon State has a nationally renouned Engineering college that is pushing the national top 25 list, if not already there. It also has an excellent Pharmacy curriculum. There are also many extra-curriculur activities to get involved in. I was personally involved in a fraternity, of which the greek system is strong at O.S.U. There are sports clubs, academic clubs, and division 1 athletics that are fun to check out too.


In my opinion the best thing about OSU is the student involvement. No matter what your interest is in you will find a similar group of people. I am an active member of Alpha Chi Omega and I can say first hand that the greek community at OSU is extremely diverse, there is a house for everyone. Greek life is extremely involved on campus and it's a great way to make friends and make a difference both on campus and off.


Oregon State University is amazing school mostly because of all the opportunities it offers to students no matter what their class ranking is, where they come from, or what their situation is in life. These opportunities include study abroad programs (such as internships abroad in which students can get professional experience in their major and credit to graduate), jobs on campus, research with faculty, a chance to get involved in leadership and government (ASOSU), and many other experiences that encourage growth and community. There are so many ways to get connected here!


The best thing about Oregon State University is the business opportunties you are provided while enrolled in business courses. You have various opportunities to meet with young entrepreneur's who have become very successful after graduating college. At Oregon State University you have the chance to meet a variety of different people from around the world and several of these people you will keep in contact with the rest of your life. You are given a beautiful campus that is always filled with different activities such as fundraisers, music, and food. Oregon State University has made my college experiene wonderful!


The best thing about this school is the students and the out-going atmosphere they provide for me and all of those that are on campus. I really enjoy the welcoming scene of the classes and the professors.


I enjoy the variety of class sizes here at Oregon State University. One thing that scares most people about college is the large class sizes and lack of individual attention. I feel that Oregon State has a good variety of class sizes from an auditorium of 500 students to a small classroom of 30 or less. Not all of the classes are enormous and if you feel like you are drowning in any of your classes, every teacher has office hours where you can get individual attention. There are also plenty of other opportunities for extra help for any class.


The best thing about OSU is the community. There is always something going on that you can use to connect with other people.


The atmosphere surrounding the school. It is a very calming and relaxed setting. It puts you at ease as you walk through the campus.


The environment is very friendly, and most of the people and staff are very helpful and welcoming.


I enjoy the amount to students that are here, as well as the amount of different professors and ways to seek help with classes. I also enjoy the diversity in available majors and minors at OSU. All of the professors I have so far met seem to love their jobs and have the students best interest in mind. My mother attends Mt. Hood Community College, and from what I hear I feel very fortunate to be at Oregon State, there are so many more ways to get help.


I think that our Gym is the best thing about our school. It has so much more machines and weights than any other college. It has 15 showers, a sauna, 2 swimming pools, lots of cardio machines like bikes, trendmills, ellipticals etc. There is just so much machines and equipment here because there is so much more people on campus now it's huge!


I think the best thing about OSU is that it has a great engineering department. Also it has alot of student tickets to athletic events so lots of students can get into the games. Also there are a wide variety of people and teachers at the school which make it more interesting. Also it is in a nice college town and there are good areas to hike areound campus. And DIxon Rec. Center is a great workout facility.


The space. There are plenty of places to go especially if you need to study. There is a lot of outdoor areas despite the usual rainy weather it is nice to have.


I love the feeling of the campus and how connected everything is. It honestly feels like one large community as opposed to a small city.


The best thing is the small size of the campus, because it's medium-sized so it's hard to get lost and easier to find groups of people to hang out with.


The friendly nature of the people here. The extreme emphasis on learning new things and diversity. There has never been a point where i felt at a disadvantage being a woman in engineering.


The best thing about Oregon State is the variety and caliber of the people it attracts. There are professors from everywhere around the US and even the world. They have all kinds of extraordinary accomplishments to their names and have made a plethora of research related discoveries. The students there are hardworking and aspire to do great things with their lives; for the most part anyway. They come from poor neighborhoods and rich ones. They represent virtually all ethnic backgrounds and religious perspecitves. It is really quite amazing.


The best thing about this school is school envrionment. Corvallis is known for the school and nothing else. Also there aren't that many distractions helping me study.


Great environment to study at. Great on campus sports in the Pac-10 conference. Very nice people and staff.


The best thing about my school is the size. Overall it is a pretty big school, with all different kinds of people. So it is easy to experience how other cultures or religions are compared to mine. I get to meet a lot of people that I wouldn't hve meet somewhere else. I like being in a big class but if you like the smaller classes where the professor can help you easier then OSU also offers smaller classes. I like to have a variety where some of my classes are big lectures and others are smaller group settings.


The best thing about my school would have to be the people (students, faculty, and members of community). The poeple of the university and and community are helpful, friendly and outgoing. It makes it a wonderful environment to learn and study effectively.


Location. Aestetics.


The best thing about my school is the freedom. I feel pretty comfortable to go out for a jog at night, or just feel comfortable meeting people, people here are not totally nice, but their not mean.


The best thing about Oregon State is being a part of the "Beaver Nation". This term is most commonly used to describe our legion of sports fans, i.e. Beaver Believers, however OSU has an incredible history of past alumni as well. Most notable are Linus Pauling (the only person to ever win two unshared Nobel Prizes) and Douglas Engelbart (the inventor of the computer mouse). In addition, Corvallis has earned a reputation for being one of the most progressive green cities in the Pacific Northwest. That's something in which everyone at OSU is proud of.


It owns.


The professors care about their students succeeding and don't want them to fail.


The environmentally aware community that surrounds it and the sense of "home" that I feel.


I like the class sizes and friedly people. That town is cozy and offered ag-classes.