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My school's very diverse and liberal.


I love that Otis puts the students in such a career-oriented frame of mind. The teachers really emphasize the way our work and work-ethic relates to the industry that we are being trained to work in. I also like the small class sizes because I strongly believe it is much more beneficial to each student's improvement. Otis is great because the cirriculum gets straight into what the student wants to be learning. Otis has a great reputation within art and design industries because of how well the students are prepared for jobs.


this school isn't very well known, but in my opinion it rivals parsons and fit (other acredited fashion colleges)


We have a unique mentor program with fashion companies, in which big designers in the field grade our work and give us our design directions.


Everyone, particularly the faculty is extremely friendly. The professors are very personable and interested in helping you. The projects are extremely focused and in line with the goals of the course. The workload is heavy, but if you are interested, you will love it.


it is very close to every company and it's in the middle of the city.


Otis offers a unique experience in that we get the opportunity to work side by side with professionals in our fields of study.


It's in flux. Even though the school is ninety years old, there really isn't academic structure -- which can be good and bad. Instructors don't require a Master's or PhD. It doesn't accomodate working people with evening classes or summer sessions. Finally, they treat the college more like a high school , with rules governing attendance, school trips, loan disbursement. They treat the students like children.


The students at Otis are hard working individuals. Each student strives to succeed academically.




my school is a small college and easy for students to see their proferssors and get help. there are workshops on compus to help students on class works. also my school has a good acadamic focus. it's a great school for art majors.


Everything. My school is an amazing place. It's diverse, communal, liberal and absolutely crazy. There is nothing in the world like an art school. And my school is exceptionally hard, yet entirely fulfilling.


We have mentor project on fashion design, and all other department chair are all very popular in their area so we have lots of sources of what we learning... And what we learning is very similar as real world's job.


It has a very focused program and high job placement after graudutaion and is respected amoung the art/design community.


Due to the fact that this school is a very small scaled liberal arts college, it creates an environment where students are able to feel at home and comfortable while still in a very creative and learning environment. Other schools I considered were public schools where a classroom would be held in a lecture hall, each with at least 1000 students attending. This school provides an safe and inviting environment that nurtures creativity and individuality while also enforcing innovation and discovery in all aspects of art and design.


Otis (college) is a pslace that provides opportunity and interaction between everyone who attends here. The is an active sence of the outside comunity and a focus on international developement. Most of all, the student body is just the perfect ratio.


it is an art school, other schools had different classes and programs. It has a very difficult course curriculm. I like it more than the other schools i applied to.


The administration discriminates against the major that brings in the most money


The great relationship between the current students and the alumni. In addition, the alumni provides graduates with many job opportunities.


Our school has design mentors from companies such as BCBG, Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy, and etc. to help the students to further learn the industry.


very career driven with lots of options. lots of work produced.


Otis College of Art and Design is unique because it is a Fine Arts school with Design integrated within it. It is open 24/7 and the campus is small. The classroom environment is not a big lecture hall but it is more personal. Students can actually ask questions and not feel stupid for it.


I first came to Otis College of Art and Design hoping to pursue Fashion Design until I heard about the Advertising program. This school offers many majors to the students and gives opportunities to learn. I felt like it was the right art school to attend straight out of high school. Many art schools out there are way too prestige to keep up with as soon as you graduate from high school.


Otis is a more skilled, focused and commited group of students, with skilled and encouraging faculty. The programs and classes offered are of better quality, as not only are we learning about the subject the course is about, but are given professional viewpoints, as well as standards. It is really mind broadening, engaging and helpful. It really introduces you problem solving and critical thinking projects. Otis isn't one shallow school. It's got a lot to offer, as well as growing as an indivdual with skill, ideas, and responsiblites, and experience, but and great job opportunities as well.