Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The way in which I see things differently after each semester. The way the education is life changing.


Our school is one of the best art school in fashion major. You get into a good career field after graduate.


Most people think Art school is just about fingerpainting and underwater basket weaving because they think art is simple. I like to think we are creative people, we are rebels and we think outside the box. We are designers and artists and design is everywhere. We "dress" the world.


I wouldn't call it bragging, but the thing I talk about most when talking to people outside of school is how hard it is, but at the same time, how rewarding it is. I cannot even recall how many times I have said, "I have not slept in 2 days", but at the same time given off and felt and undertone of pride and achievement in saying it because I have put all this hardwork and heart into something I have created. In the end, maybe it is indirect bragging.


It has an art theory program while other art schools are scrapping them.


I dont brag about it, but I think that living in los angeles gives you acess to good resources that are helpful in an education.


My school is really stressful but professional. it leads us to good career.


that our school focuses more on money making and business


i brag about the cute guys at school, and the cool things we make.


I wouldn't say "brag", but I would say the one thing I talk about most to my friends in regards to my schooling is how intense the workload is, but also how much I am enjoying the experience. The pressure and the excitement go hand in hand. The reason why I am so proud to be at Otis is because it's hard. Greatness does not come easily.


I usually tell my friends that there is really good networking and very good jobs waiting for me once I graduate.


the job opportunities that the school tends to prepare for


we get a lot done, students work very hard to get thier work done.


I brag about loving what I learn and that I feel like I'm heading towards a great direction.


The major I am in, Fashion Design, has a program called the Mentor Program where successful, professional designers come in and work with and assign a direction to groups of Junior and Senior students. This direction is what the students will take to design garments for the Spring Fashion Show. The Mentor Program allows student and designers to meet and build relationships, helping with future job placement.


Our school is very focused on our future career rather than taking random classes that have nothing to do with what you wan to do.


I think the most distinguishing aspect about Otis College of Art and Design is its fashion department. It's inarguably the toughest one to get into and from what I know, it seems worth it. The students get the opportunity to work alongside some big fashion designers, and in Senior and Junior year, they get a chance to showcase their designs at an annual fashion show, which many of said fashion designers attend.