Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worse thing about my school is also the best. As it is located in Los Angeles this allows for good publicity, however I commute on public transit for more than two hours a day to get there and back. While I do enjoy the surroundings and location of my school, the worst part about my school is how far it is from my town. Going to a school that is in such a big city does not make it easy to get a cheap place to live, especially with the beach only fifteen minutes away.


The worst thing about my school would be that because we are divided into sections, there aren't many chances to meet new people in class. The only time you get to meet other peole outside of your section would be when you have liberal studies.


The only thing that is considerably bad about this school, or any other, is the commute. Having to drive a long distance to school can take up a lot of time. So, if this is the case for any college student, time management is very important.


The administration at the school seems to be disorganized much of the time. Although teachers and classes are assigned prior to the beginning of the semester, teachers and classes always seem to change during the first week without any notice. Mandatory field trips are presented the day of.


The freshmen student housing program is terrible. The apartments are beautiful, but my roomates and I found out too late that we are paying four times the money it costs other renters to live there. The contract we are under is unreasonable. I have friends who transferred, but they still had to pay their housing fees. Lastly, no one wants to pay so much money to be under the supervision of ill-informed Resident Assistants. Every time I have needed help with something regarding housing, I have asked an R.A., and they are not helpful in the least.


The most negative and unappealing aspect of Otis is the amount of tuition and the stress the upcoming years are going to have on my own finances and my parents. Having spent four years dabbling in community college, I realize the value of a private art school's education, which is worth every penny, but I can't help but worry about how much debt my family and I will be in after I graduate.


The Fashion Campus is not 24/7. Other than that, its perfect. =)


The worst thing is the lack of amenities. The school is very small and does not have any gym or swimming pool. It seems quite boring that this is the place for only learning art and design.


the prices of the cafeteria food, and slow elevators


The amount of money I need to raise in order to attend interferes with my performance. More than once I could not complete my homework because I was working or because I could not afford materials.


The cost. Tuition and rent in the area are high. This is fairly common for schools of this type and quality, but it?s still a negative.


The worst thing would be the "getting used to". The first year is the year to get adjusted to big work loads, hard work, and really learn responsibilty. But as the years progress, one just gets used to having the big work load, and no social life, because that slowly dimishes as Finals time arrives.


Equipment available compare to the number of students


The worst thing has to be the fact that some teachers have so much authority and opinion on what goes on that they are able to dominate over other teachers and their classrooms, so its really like only getting one opinion on an assignment instead of the five different opinions that I should be getting from different teachers.


There is nothing negative in my shcool.


There are a lot of immature boys and there are too many korean people.


Financial aid support and reminders


The facilities director is resistant to projects on the grounds rather than the gallery spaces. I believe that the fact I attend an Art school should allow me to be able to place art anywhere I please as long as I return the space to it's original condition.


I believe the worst thing about Otis college of Art and Design would be not having or pursuing many extra curricular activities. It is not all the school?s fault, because we as students are busy with our workload. With out the activities, there are no chances for any majors to get to know or socialize with each other. I want to get to know other students in other majors, because when I graduate from Otis, I would seek help from other industries/majors as well. I would like to have student activities to build more school spirit for Otis.


The worst thing about this school is the financial aid department. While there is a great amount of financial aid, the department itself is not helpful at all. They don't answer your questions or respond to your phone calls.


I believe our school, although it is located in very resourceful environment (middle of downtown) it is dangerous and our school has space issues and lack of material issues. We do not have lockers, and often have to share most of the equipments that are crucial to our projects and learning processes. Also we do not have 24 hour access to our school. (Main campus located next to LAX is 24 hours accesible) This restricts students from using school equiptments after school or other free times for our individual studying and further developments or catching ups.


the slow teaching, it takes too long to get to a certain point, treat students like children some times.


Cafe teria, food is very bad at the cafe.


They give us alot of work and spended less time for familiy and sleep.


There is too many girls and too less guys, but then again, our school is famous for its fashion design degree. I also wish there is more clubs or activities in this school.


cost....too expensive for the education provided


The work load. I pulled 6 all-nighters during finals, just so I could get a really great review in my department. The second part is how much it costs. I have to work while going to school here, since I didn't get any private loans.


The housing. After freshman year we have to find our own apartments


There's no social life.


There really are no "worst" things. I would only say that come prepared to work.


Nothing is too drastic.


material fees are expensive for your projects


The fact that Otis claims to be do diverse, but in all actuality its not. We are only diverse when it come to having all kinds of different Asian Cultures


tuition is too expensive


I don't like how fashion design students are separated from the rest of the school. It makes fashion students feel like they are not a part of the whole Otis community. And because of the disconnect between the fashion student and the rest of the school, fashion students feel awkward or left out when at the main campus. also, other students have misconceptions about fashion student because most of the other students don't know any fashion students.


The worst thing about my school is structure of the Digital Media program. I feel as though we need teachers who not only have been in the industry, but are working for the heavy hitting studios and working on top notch projects. This will encourage the students to prosper more rather than sit around and wait to become like them. I understand a teacher is not going to make you who you are, but right now, the only reason I know so much is because I did not sit around and wait, I went out and taught myself.


The worst thing about OTIS is that because it is a private school, it costs lot of money. It also has great loads of work everyweek, ranging from semiotic reports to life drawings.


The worst thing about this school is that it is difficult to find affordable effective housing. By effective I mean to say that it should be close to school, good neighborhood and spacious enough for an art student. It is near LAX so traffic is terrible for anyone who does not live near to school. The school is in an expensive neighborhood, which adds to the dilema.


way too much homework, too many sleepless nights.


the food! it makes me feel sick more often then not.


the campus is plain too plain. the food here is ridiculously expensive. we don't get what we deserve in education or services in relations to how much we pay.