Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school should be dedicated artists. It isn't an easy school to go to, the first semester is pretty hard.


The best kind of student for this school is someone who is creative, but willing to work hard. Art schools have a negative connotation of being ?easy? schools. That?s not the case with Otis. Like any other college, there are many late nights studying (or finishing art projects for that matter). However, it isn?t to say it?s not enjoyable and fun.


someone who knows what the want from their education and is willing to WORK for it. Knowing who you are and what you want is the only way to get through the rigorous curriculum.


Someone who knows what they want, to study It is hard to know right away, and you most likely will change your mind but be serious about your future, IT'S HARD TO KEEP IT IN SIGHT A Lot of times but you will thank yourself later. Just try to stay focused, but flexible.


People who are well driven and don't slack off on their work. The students at Otis need to be on top of everything.


A hardworking, highly motivated person that is interested in the Visual Arts world should attend this school. A person who wants to bring out the best artistic qualities and creative side and apply it to a strong career should attend Otis College of Art and Design. It is a school for a person that feels that a career in art deserves as much respect as any other career because an artist works just as hard and sometimes harder for success.


A person would have to be completely devoted and willing to work VERY hard. If you procrastinate, it becomes very hard to keep up, let alone catch up. Be prepared for lots of all-nighters (sometimes in a row) and very rarely having the time to socialize outside of school. But if you're prepared for that, then this school is great for making you look at everything in a different way and making you become a little more professional.


A serious art student willing to put in more work than what is technically required.


Anyone that is open-minded, artistic or creative in any way. It doesn't matter where you're from or what your beliefs are, but for sure there are mostly liberals at this school.


driven intellegent peoples.


- Someone who is wealthy, or so poor that they will be entitled to the most aid. - A person who doesn't need to work while in school. - Students who are more interested in 'busy' work than challenging work. - Someone who wants to 'pay' for their degree to be handed to them with a little effort.


I believe a person that is dedicated to what they really want to achieve in the Art/Design field should attend this college, a person that has full of imagination and ideas that would surprise many Art/Design industries around the world. Not only who are talented in Art but who are academically fit as of English, History, etc. and who are not willing to miss classes regardless of any reason should attend this college. Lastly, a person who can be a leader, who is competent in facing any kind of hardships should attend Otis college of Art and Design.


anyone career minded.


At Otis, a person that is focused, enjoys the artistic challenge and works hard and is ambitious about their work is a person that will suceed at my school. Otis is a school were sometimes you have to put in extra work and effort to learn more on your own, and teachers encourage individuality and drive to complete a goal. Our students are very dedicated and friendly, we like to help each other out and learn from each other, most of us come here to learn about ourselves and pursue our abilities in the artistic world.


artistic. free spirit. likes challenging. likes socializing.


Person intent on a career in art or fashion design. Art interests can include digital art, commercial art, animation, toy design and illustration.


A person that comes to this school is usually very creative, innovative, loves art by appreciating nonetheless, making it.


Artistic, dedicated and outgoing.


Some one work oriented, and focused on there major.


Anybody who is artistic and likes to be challeneged in their work, to further their abilities. The school is well rounded and offers something for everybody. The school is very versatile and open to anybody, from any background. Somebody who'd like to attedend Otis, should have an open personality and be friendly and helpful. People work together a lot here and help each other out a lot.




Artistic and driven person.


Anybody who loves art. Whoever wants to work in the art industry fields.


I feel like anyone who has an interest in art and has a strong motivation to work should attend this school. It is a lot of work but if you enjoy it you sure wont mind it. There are many young students more than older students who are continuing their education. It is a active environment at most times and offers many chances to become a great artist/designer.


A person wanting to attend Otis should be driven and confident. It takes a thick skin and a lot of perserverance to pull off the kind of work we are constantly being asked to deliver. Many late nights and challenging assignments should be expected. This person should be willing to churn out 15 differents solutions for one problem and be prepared to be critiqued and told that none are correct. He/She should above all know what they want from life because only this kind of forward-thinking person will succeed at a school with so much to offer.