Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Since Otis is an Art school, a student who is not interested in Graphic nor Fine Arts should consider studying elsewhere. Prospective students should also be prepared to have instructors who will challenge them so that they may excel more than ever.


Anyone who is not sure if they want to do art as a career.


A student who procrastinate definitely should not attend this school. The prospective student should be fully prepared to stay up all night to finish the homework given by the professors. People who only think about diet and losing weight should not attend our school either because in order to survive at our school, students need the energy they get from food.


A student who is unmotivated and does not want to give her/his all into their work should not attend this school. Students who will give up easily will not succeed. Students who do not appreciate the arts will not enjoy his/her studies.


A person not sure if the art field is there area. There are many art fields which is awesome so there is an area to choose from but don't go in having a "whatever" attitude. Everyone is serious in what they do, even faculty, so if a student plans on attending then be preprared to work harder than ever for a promising future.


People looking for a well-rounded education in the arts should put this school at the top of their list. If you don't have a desire to go into the arts, this isn't the school for you.


Someone who slacks off, or Is very unsure of what they want to do, don't listen to anyone ! you do not know until you have done it, 4 years is a very short period of time to achieve everything you should do.


Someone that isn't open to constructive criticism, and that would take criticism the wrong way. Since Otis is an art school, there are a lot of group crits in all the deparments, students are encouraged to learn from advise and opinions rather than take offense.


A lazy person should not attend this school because there is a lot to do. There are endless challenges and homework to make a student stronger, but if one is afraid of doing so tough jobs, the one should not attend this school. Many students can't sleep enough, and it is natural. Only some faithful students can be successful in this school.


This school is for the creative mind. A person that is not focused on bring out his or her creative and artisitic side should not attend this school. This is not a school for sports, science, and business management. A person that are focusing on dancing and acting, performing arts, should not attend this school. A person who want easy grades and laid back community should not attend this school.


Some one with weak work ethics. Homework comes fast and in heavy loads from a ridiculous number of required classes in a semester. Some one who is not willing to work everyday and twice on Sundays to complete their assignments, including spending at least twenty hours for one class' homework that week alone. Some one who feels that sleep is a priority.


I do not advise the non-driven to attend Otis. The curriculum is intense and one must be competely devoted to meeting it, for I have witnessed many students drop out because they were unwilling to sacrifice their social lives in place of the work load. I also do not recommend Otis if you do not enjoy open discussion and critique in the classroom between all students and faculty.


A person who lacks discipline and determination should not think about entering this school at all. The work load is extremely intense, and is not joke! However, if one passes their courses, they will learn that all their work is extra valuable and is very important to their success.


slackers, people who are unmotivated, lazy or not serious about what they want to do for a career.


conservative and non hard working peoples. easy to get in, hard to stay.


If you are a visual easy going fake surfer artist- you will be happy, but if you see through the bull shit and you keep to yourself and your books- you will be disappointed.


People who are lazy, can't be on time to class, people who don't like art, lack of communication skills, etc.


unmotivated people, with no self drive.


someone that will try their hardest, peson that doesn't skip classes.


hard-working, opend minded, creative, talented students


A person that is not seriouse about his or her career.


I think everyone can attend this school.


People who are not self-driven or self motivated. You have to be very open to new experiances and open to new types of people and personalities


i person how is not willing to work countless hours on a project for many weeks.


Someone without time managment or not motivated to succeed in a very intence and competative career


Our school is open to everyone and no specific person would stand out at our school. very diverse. someone unwilling to work hard would not be a good canidate to attend my school.


I recommend that students who dont plan on going to class or have bad time management are not fit to go to Otis


Students who don't know what they want.


Anybody who lacks the time management skill shouldn't attend OTIS, it's very strictly enforced here.


Someone who does not dedicate himself or herself to the work load or someone who skips class every week should not attend Otis.


I think a person, who can't concentrate well and not hard-worker. Also he/she has to have great personality! :]