Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Foundation year is awesome. It is super intense as it covers a broad range of studies. However it is well-rounded and will fully prepare you for any major. It also gives student who are undecided to explore majors before deciding on one.


The best thing about Otis would be that the students there want to value their education as oppose to being forced to attend. The education provided goes beyond just teaching the students how to find a decent paying job, it's about the laying the foundation on how to achieve your dreams.


Otis College is a very laid back art school with a very friendly and creative community. The professors and and faculty are very easy-going, and that reflects upon all the students who enjoy all their classes. The amount of skills we learn here is very valuable when it comes to our careers, and makes it easy to share and network within the industry. The campus is very small, but the small community also has a great chemistry among the students and teachers.


The best thing about my school is the vibe at the school. There is art all over the place and people working on every floor and the creative energy is all around you.


The best thing this school has ,s that they are a community. Teachers and students have an one on one relationship which makes things more enjoyble.


As soon as I walked through the hallways, the classrooms, and the campus, I felt very comfortable. I think that is pretty important. The Otis community is pretty small but itis strong. The school is small and we are divided up into sections so we get really close and its like having a second family. One of the best things about Otis is the faculty. The faculty really care and they try to support the students and they will really help the students progress as professional artists and designers. The Insturctors really give a damn.


I cannot pinpoint just one thing to be the best thing at my school, but I can narrow it down to two aspects: 1. The rigorous workload that encourages higher learning. 2. The liberal environment that encourages diversity in all areas of life (religion, political views, culture, physical appearance, etc.) The hefty workload is commonplace at Otis and personally, it has conditioned me to continually strive for better. The encouraging of diversity on campus opens my eyes to the variety of ways of life and makes me a more open, tolerant, and well-rounded individual.


All of the different resources we have available to us, this allows us to save time and money (somewhat) when we can print and create at our school instead of having to drive around to find different companies to do the work for us.


The poeople and the encouraging environment they create.


There is a new fine arts building.


The best thing would be the opportunity. You're around tons of talented people, and you have professors that as a whole know what they're doing and will challenge you to think in different ways.


The best thing about my school is the vibrance of thinking and creating that goes on. When you walk down the halls, artwork of all types is hung on display, whether they be rough sketches or final works. The rooms are bustling with people creating something new and interesting. It is mind blowing to walk through so much creativity.


Jobs and internships are the most important and increasingly unreliable aspects in a student?s future considering today?s economy. So being in a school that lets a person choose which major suits him/her best and then be able to expand upon that into a reliable career makes Otis the most desirable school. Otis arranges internship fairs and often has companies come to the department chairs looking for future employees. Companies know Otis students are armed with knowledge, experience, and quality. Otis truly prepares its students for the future.


The thing about my school that I consider best is the fact that the students are diverse while sharing a sense of community. Unique individuals are able to come together studying different art fields, but all have a common passion for learning about the arts.


The Best thing about Otis College Of Art and Design is that evrybody knows you. The Deparment head is actually avalaible for you to talk to and they help with anything that you need or are concern with. The students around you are supportive and become like family everybody around you is amazing. In big schools you can get lost easily in the hustle and bustle of the day but in this school you have a name and you are a person. I love that my school is the only school in the west coast that offers Toy Design.


The sense of community we have in each department. The department chairs are so helpful and really care about each student and their well being. The relationships you build with the people here will last forever.


They teach us life skills for when we're working out in the real world. Time management and good work ethics are also acquired. They make us work hard and push us to put are best work forward, so that students can contantly push their abilities. Staff also encourage us to contantly research are intented major, for example, fashion majors contantly go out search what's new, old, different. Constantly taking notes and memorizing trends.


The best thing about my school is all the help I get from almost everyone I know at school. The teachers provide me with great feedback and are always avalible. And because the student body is so diverse and somewhat small, people are very friendly and also encourage me to do my best and at the same time we support each other when one of us is struggling.


Our school has a pretty outstanding reputation in California. A lot of job offers are guaranteed after graduating from our school.


The best thing about Otis are the teachers. The teachers are very helpful and knowledge. They are always willing to help, teach, and to even stay after school and during the weekends to help the students get a stronger understanding of the material.


The technology and faculty are the best part of the school. The technology is always up to date and always available to all students. The faculty also because they are always helpful for students and do not want anyone to fail on purpose.


having great experience


the welcoming and nurturing environment created by the students


The teachers and assignments they give. I love the work I'm creating.


One of the best parts about this school is the community that's been built between students, and also with the faculty. I have gotten to know many of my professors and have built a report. They know me and my work and are better able to give me relative feedback.


I love the tight-knit bonds we have formed. Because everyone is together all the time we are very close.


This school fills your brain with knowledge. Wonderful knowledge. It prepares you for the real world.


The fact that most of my teachers already work in the industry. So we learn just how it is done in the feild and early.


The amout of professionalism in classes.


There is truly a strong community within this school. The staff wants to see you succeed and your peers want to help you do the same. It is also great just to be surrounded by a lot of people who have the same interests as I do.


The students and the professors are very open and liberal to all subjects. Everyone works hard and is very motivated in class and outside of class. The professors enjoy their occupation and likes to connect with the students and give great personal advices.




The place to work on artwork. Teachers and staff that have the knowlegde and compassion to help me learn, and discover the polibilties that lay ahead. The name of a top college on my BFA degree.




The best thing about our school is the size, the class is fairly small. so more interactions within professors and students. Very professional, teaches you to be ready to work after graduate from college. Professors are very passionate about student's future.


We are learning and working in the industry that we want to be in after we graduate.


I love that we are able do dig right into our major the second year here, and also i love that everyone could not care less how you dress. How you dress is how you dress. No judgement on that.


I chose Otis because I wanted to have more options than only Architecture or only Interior design. Otis allows students in the major to learn Architecture design, Landscape design, and Interior Design. It's great because the three go hand in hand anyways. I am exposed to more and won't be narrow minded about just one aspect.