Otterbein University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that people tend to go home on the weekends. Because people aren't around, the school seems pretty quiet on the weekend. Even though this is an issue, one can always find something to do since Columbus is just a short drive away. Also, if you find yourself the right group of friends, you'll be fine.


One of the worst things about Otterbein is its high cost. Being a private institution the school provides a great deal of financial assistance if applicable, however it still is much higher comparative to other colleges and universities. Often to, financial assistance or scholarship will decline after one?s first year(s) regardless of academic standing and college involvement. This is an insidious move on the college?s part to gain freshman enrollment into the school.


As of right now I have not been able to identify anything that I am unhappy with.


Some of the people. Since it's a small private, dry campus there are a lot of students here who hold their heads higher than others because they feel as if they can. When i say people. i mean mainly girls.


The cost of the school is probably the worst thing about it. The tuition makes it difficult for many students to attend. I'm afraid of the loans I will have to pay off once I graduate from college.


Very expensive


Too conservative, not enough diversity. Suitcase campus


I consider the worst thing about my school the diversity. There isn't much diversity here and it seems that most people have judgements about others. There is a strong population of upper class people whose parents pay for everything and it seems as if they don't appreciate the things around them or given to them.


I wish we had more intramural sports, because going to a school right near Ohio State where they have every intramural sport possible, it makes you wish you had those sports as well.


I can't say anything bad about Otterbein, I truly am satisfied with my experience thus far.

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