Otterbein University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


One of the frustrating qualities that this college has is the implementation of the quarter system. This poses as a problem for many currently enrolled students and transferring students. Most colleges and universities are on semesters, so when students want to transfer schools, study abroad, or participate in internships they are largely limited due Otterbein?s academic calendar. It makes it difficult to find other programs to participate in or transfer to.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking, and infinite attempts of the school to assure the students we don't actually have an issue with finding a spot.


The most frustrating part about my school is that you have to get involved in some organization to have any type of social life, or even just get to know people around campus.


To me the most frustrating thing about my school would be the cost. I have the academics and enviornment. The school just cost too much.


The price of my school is frustrating to me because it is hard for me to find financial aid and recently I had issues with my school's Financial Aid Office because they didn't allow for me to get the money i needed from another source; they failed to update my account from the previous year.


The most frustrating thing about Otterbein College is that they want your money for every little thing you do, even though you pay more than enough to go there up front.


The most frustrating thing is how expensive the tuition is. Also too that I have a high GPA and the school is not willing to grant me more scholarship money.


There is not a lot of activities on the weekends because there are so many commuters and students who live locally and go home on weekends.


The small size because you see basically the same people everyday.


Probably the fact that there is a lot of bureaucracy, but I think you?d get that anywhere. In order to get groups approved or have paperwork done there are normally a few offices one must visit.

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