Our Lady of the Lake College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Grades matter! Keep pushing forward. Freshman year is hard, but it is hard for everyone. Use the school resources as much as possible and do not be scared to ask for help! You advisor cares.


I come to the US few years ago,being separates and mother of two kids, 7 and 5 years old. Struggling to make a living and trying to make it month by month with bills, I decided to go back to school so I can make future for my kids. This year, 2013 in January I started 4 years nursing program and looking to get a scholarship so i can get thru. Thank you


Like all college students that start off right out of highschool I was challenged to say the least. Where do you turn for help, how do you finance you tuition, books, and necessary items for admittance? This is why I set a path, that would not lead me astray. Right now in my life I am a amateur body builder with a passion for how the body works. This drives me to understand all the physiology of the body. I'm really attentive when subjects such as fueling the body for maximal performance comes up, this is basically a obsession of mine. Well starting off college was only the smartest thing a kid with my drive could do, and with my will I'm pushing myself to a degree in exercise science, hopefully one day fulfilling a degree in physical therapy. I have attended community college up to this date, which now I am a junior and well on my way. The only draw back to my future dream happens to be the financial endeavor I will soon be facing. But I tell myself to always push, because without education there is no future.


I have grown as a person so much since I started school here. The people are all so helpful and involved and just enjoy school and are very serious about their education. We are all on the same path to excellence in our professions. It has been very valuable to me because the teachers are amazing at their jobs and have a passion for what they do. There are numerous resources and things you can do to help you fully understand any and all concent covered in school. I feel its a blessing at just the right time for me.


Well i havent started college yet but after i complete the radiology program at Our Lady of the Lake College there is a pretty good chance that i will be able to get a job at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center .


Looking back into high school, I had dreams and ideas about what I wanted. I wanted to go to an institution where I would play collegiate basketball. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fulfill that, but I still had a great major I wanted to pursue, nursing. I wasn't comfortable at the institution I actually attended and became fearful of my surroundings. My decisions and my outlook about school wasn't the best, and I had totally forgotten about what I really had my heart set on with pursuing nursing. I am now in my second semester in nursing school to be an LPN and I thank God I opened my eyes to see my God-given talents.I fi could go back to high school and give myself advice, I'de tell myself to thank God fo the opportunity to even be able to go to college. Ide tell myself to make the best of everything that is presented in front of me, because college is a privelege and it can make you life better.. I would tell myself to give all fear to God and go for it. I am glad to have my eyes opened.