Our Lady of the Lake University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I honestly don't know of any stereotypes at the Lake. To me everyone here is just a normal college student.


Since Our Lady of the Lake is a Catholic university, most people think only Catholics are accepted to OLLU. That's not true. At OLLU, there are wide range of students who practice other religions and beliefs. In my time at attending the lake, I have met several students and professors who come from various backgrounds such as Catholicism, Christianity or Buddhism. While attending here, I have never felt pressure from other people to convert to another religion. Another "stereotype" that may be associated with OLLU Is that the majority students who attend here identify with the Hispanic culture when in fact, there are a mixed number of different ethnic backgrounds. Our Lady of the Lake has a very active Study Abroad Program connected to places all around the world like China and Uganda so the stereotype that only Hispanics come to the Lake, is far from true. It is Our Lady of the Lake's diverse atmosphere that makes the college experience both comfortable and well rounded.