Our Lady of the Lake University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants or needs smaller classes with a lot of personal attention and chances for help like tutoring. If you like becoming friends with your professors and making life-long friends from among your classmates. If you love being social there are plenty of clubs and ways to help the environment and meet new people along with ways to get into your career field.


People who don't mind to read a lot of literature before they come to class because of the accelerated schedule


OLLU is a place for people who like a city with a town feel. It's a Catholic school, but neither mass, nor religion is required to attend. If you are the type who will need to have regular conversations with your professor outside of class, this is a good school to attend, as the professors are extremely available. The student body is less than 5,000 so classes will be pretty small as well. If you want to concentrate in liberal arts, science, social work, or speech pathology, this is a great school to attend.


A person who likes a small, tight-knight community like atmosphere will enjoy the culture of OLLU. Although this school is a catholic college, they are open to other religions. It is a predominately hispanic serving school, but all ethnicities are welcome and everyone is treated fairly. There are more female and non-traditional students, but it is a great learning environment. This school is rich in traditions, so someone who appreciates that will love it.


Anyone that wants to enter the school. It is open to everyone that wants and education.