Our Lady of the Lake University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advise I would give myself would be to make ure I studied hard to make the appropriate grades while in high school to ensure as many scholarships as possible to help pay for my collge education. I would also apply to as many scholarships as possible.


GPA does matter. I never realized how much GPA number helped or hurted me in my education career. GPA matters in what school you want to enter. It also matters in what field you want to enter. It matters in help for financing the education. WOrk hard on your GPA and volunteer in as many places as you can. Senior year is supposed to be the hardest working year of highs shcool because you are working toward your higher education. I wihs I knew that then.


If I could go back in time to senior year I would tell myself to work harder, be apart of many organizations, and learn more about music! I would study and practice Music Theory, the piano and keyboard becasue i did not do that in high school or very little of it. If I would have done it in high school I would be more prepared for it here in college so I would tell my high school self to learn theory and practice till I know what I am doing without any problems. I would also tell myself to practice more on my singing and to continue the voice lessons. I stopped doing them becasue of the time and money, so i would go back and change that as well. I would tell myself to not slack at all so I could be the top ten and get more scholarships or even full ride so I would not have to pay for college at all. I would say to be apart of groups becasue colleges really look at the activities and organizations you were apaart of. I would fix all the mistakes and make life better.


Hello from the future, as you graduate and seek the uncharted journey of a college education remember a few things and you will always succeed in college and at life. Ask for help, never assume you know everything and don't be afraid...ask and you shall receive in abundance. Find a mentor, your mentor will help you navigate the unchartered waters you are just embraking upon. It will save you so much heart-ache and grief if you do. Be organized and find time management skills that will work for you it's ok if you don't know where to begin ask others how they manage keeping themsleves on track. Surround yourself with serious students and you will learn from them. Incorporate what works for you don't assume all of what they do is exactly what you should incoporate. Lastly, remember that this is the first step to being a professional even though you'll be tempted to be very social and active in everything be mindful that you need to set your priorities straight. Pick and choose what's really important to your social life and what can wait. It's a balancing act!


If I were to talk to my high school senior self, I would motivate myself to do my personal best. The first thing I would tell myself is how important and rewarding getting good grades are. Contrary to my previous beliefs, your grades truly do reflect on you when applying to colleges. The worst feeling ever is being nervous to send your high school transcripts because you’re not sure how admissions will interpret your GPA. I feel like I slacked off quite a bit in my senior year mostly out of the anticipation of graduation and moving on with life beyond the high school walls. Though I was an average student even at that, being in college has made me realize my true potential by working hard and studying. Secondly, I would encourage myself to become more active and involved around the school. To join the cheerleading squad, the track team, and the yearbook club because it will give you both new, unforgettable life experiences and qualities a college will positively look upon. Lastly, I would tell myself is to believe in and follow your dreams no matter what. With both hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.


Advice that I would give myself as a high school senior would be to start looking for financial opportunities for college as the better the education, the more expensive it can get. I would encourage myself to seek out scholarships and encourage myself to be involved more with extra curricular activities to better enhance my opportunities for assistance. I would like to show my younger self to research the field I am interested in so that I would be fully aware the type of positions I would be likely to carry to help ensure that I would stay on the right course for my decision. My final advice to myself would probably be to relax, to remain calm and collective when assignments are exams seem to become overwhelming. I would teach myself how to take care of myself physically and mentally so that the stressors of school would not be so overwhelming to me and would be easier to overcome.


I would tell myself that the best way to transition is to build up a support network of friends, family, and teachers. One of the best things that you can do is get involved with campus community so that you make connections with people who will be able to understand and help you both emotionally and academically. Always try to get things in early rather than on time in class and out. Don't be afraid to ask questions and make sure you have all of the information you need. And although there never seems to be enough time, make time and have fun.


I will give advice of doing lots research and talking to college students and ask them lots question as possible. also going to college and see how it is to get an idea.


If I could go back now and talk to myself as a high school senior. I would encourage that I take highly specialized courses (i.e. mathematics, science, business, and the likes). These courses will make you more marketable. And don't forget to pursue looking at College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Tests to knock out a few extra credits at a minimal cost. Invest your time in taking some computer classes to include Microsoft Word and basic typing. College is not that hard and if you have had the rudimentary basics in high school a lot of those class topics carry right over into a college career with of course a little more specialization and regular test. After you get your Bachelor's Degree, you will have a lot of school under your belt. But don't stop there, keep plugging away and get your Master's Degree. Take the time to study for the required tests (i.e. GMAT, MAT, SAT, etc) and vocabulary skills.


In college, from the first assignment to the day you cross the stage, you learn how to market both yourself and your thoughts. I believe there is nothing so valuable in this world as the ability to represent yourself well. It will open doors that would otherwise be closed, and it will improve your chances in any situation you will ever enter. The ability to confidently and articulately express your views is the most important thing that I learned on a university campus. I learned it in the classrooms. I learned it during conversations on the quad and in the cafeteria. I learned it when interacting with my Resident Assistant (and used it after I became one!) and the wonderful supervisors during my work-study. While good grades are vitally important, they cannot take you the entire distance. College teaches you how to use and market the skills you naturally possess to market your greatest asset: yourself.


If I could go back in time When I was at my prime I?d face myself and say I am soon on my way College not only opens doors it open eyes And what you have is store is certainly a surprise First and foremost research the school Make sure everyone there is as cool as you Find a balance between everything you do College is a time to explore Don?t worry about your major that?s what junior year is for Make mistakes but learn from them Grow from everyone you know Don?t rush through it enjoy this time On the mountain of life college is the first big climb


If I could go back in time, there's a lot I would tell myself as a senior. First I would tell her to think about what she realy enjoys doing. I thought I wanted to become an Orthodontist and have changed my mind four times since because I didn't think my career path through enough. I would encourage her to explore other school options outside of El Paso or San Antonio and apply to more than just three universities. If I could, I would tell myself to be ready and open to having a room mate. I would also tell her to save money! Because believe it or not she will want to go to concerts, go shopping or go to the beach on long weekends but will have low funds if she doesn't budget herself. Id tell her the friendships she has will change but Id promise her she will aquire new and better freinds later. I would also tell her to call home more often because I have realized now my family honestly misses me, my little brother especially. Id encourage her to follwer her heart and have fun whever it takes her!


I would go back and tell myself to make sure I know exactly what I want in a university. I would tell myself to look at more scholarships so I wouldn't have to take out so many loans during my college life. I would also advise myself to take a look at more the clubs and attend social events instead of always watching tv after I finish my homework. I would tell myself to take chances and go meet people, because the people you meet in college will have a lasting effect on your life.


High school does not define who you are, or who you will become. It is a transition period between being adolescence and adulthood. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the best advice I can give is to not limit myself. College is a place to ?window shop? for that intangible thing that will help decide who you want to be, not just the job you will hold in the future. College is a great place to get the education you need to perform successfully in a particular career, but it provides so much more! It allows you to open your mind and let you experience things you never imagined. I know that sounds a bit clich?, but where else can you learn about chemical reactions, the Yanomamo tribe in South America, and learn a dance from the Broadway musical A Chorus Line all in the same day? You should look at the college experience as a window to the world. Not something you can look-up on the Internet. It?s so much more. The college experience is about learning, personal experiences, and personal relationships.


Do a good university research. dont just apply because your friends or people tells you to apply to certain university!


Take summer classes OR dual credit in high school!!!!


Make sure to take a tour of the school and always make more than one visit.


About finding the right college: Spend some time at the college/university alone. If you find yourself fitting in, go for it. If you feel out of place, run for the hills. I made this mistake...I chose a big, huge state university because the cost was incomparable and wound up leaving before classes started. I belonged in a small, community-feeling school and ultimately, it didn't matter how much it cost...make the right decision based on feeling and not on finances.


Each year, high school seniors across the country begin their college search. With so many to choose from, it?s often a difficult choice to make. The best advice I could give fellow students is to choose a school that meets yours needs. Research the academic programs of each school to find one that matches your career needs. Look into extra-curricular activities and athletics programs that interest you. Be sure to ask other students their opinions on the school and of their college experience there. Also, visit the financial aid office and the counselor?s office to find out what benefits you can receive. Even though everyone has a different college experience, the best way to make the most out of it is to keep your mind and heart open. College is going to be full of new people with different interests and backgrounds. Be open to understanding them, as well as the new concepts and ideas you?ll be learning during class. Begin to break any bad habits such as procrastination that might hinder you. Above all, have fun! It?ll turn out to be one of the best times of your life.


The only way to truly live life is by living by and for what you believe in and working for a cause which you are passionate about. One mistake many new students make is they see a shiny major that looks like fun or go for the thing that has a potentially high salary when really the best thing to do is to listen to what's inside their heart. Many people, especially young people, are ambitious and want to go through the quickest, easiest, and most attractive path in life. Life is about patience and living in the moment. When picking the right college to study at, you have to pick it from the heart. Many things will change when you begin your higher education, from living conditions to finances, but the thing that changes the most in life is yourself. Your mind will change and grow as you study, so worry about that later. For now, focus on what your heart and allow yourself to expand and grow into the person you have always wanted to be.


Always le the student pick the school no matter how bad the parents might not want them to.


It is not on what 'college name you pick', but on what the college can do for you. It is like picken the right shoe for you it just has to be it.


I think that the most important advice that I could give to finding the right college is to visit several colleges and go with the one where you feel most comfortable. Big state schools arent always a good choice, be sure to visit small schools too. Look for the school that calls to you.


I would tell parents and studetns to pay close attention to how much fincial aid is being awarded to the student and to check how safe the campus is in regards to its location in the community. To make the most out of your college experience, don't try to follow any sterotypes that you may have seen from tv or movies regarding college students, everyone is their own person. Everyone has theit own ideas and their own morals. Don't try to change anyone and prepare yourself to try new things and stay open-minded about new activities. Treat everyone with respect, and always try and remember that not everyone was raised with your same values or principles.


If I had to give an one advice when making a choice for their education it would be to be prepared to spend a large amount of money but know that you are making a good investment for your future but to also look for additional assistance to help cover the cost of attending the school or your choice. It is not easy but if you want it and work hard enough its attainable.


When applying to various schools the most important aspect to consider is the quality of education that your child will recieve. Although finance, location and distance all weigh in when determining a campus keep in mind that those previous three are disposable to an extent, however a quality education is priceless.


The one thing I recommend is to visit the campus. Do not be afraid to ask questions and speak with both current students and alumni. Get a mentor as early as you can.


Make sure you read reviews about the school you wish to attend. There is always an answer to your question about the schools in about every topic and aspect. So make sure you know financially and acidemically what school is right for you.


Do what you think is best for you! Visit the campus before actually applying for acceptance.


I would advice allowing the student to stay on campus for an overnighter. I stayed over night at OLLU and It allowed me to interact with the students as well as with the professors. When you're looking for the right college you must not only look at the programs offered but also at teh school and the professors. When you have awesome professors who care about you and want you to learn, it makes a great diffeerence. We have many students who transfer to the lake because at other universities they don't care wether if you understand or nto. here at the lake the professors give you their cell phone number on the sillabus and advice you to call them if you do not understand or if you need extra tutoring in the weekend. They will also help you study for tests on their free time which is awesome.


Stay focused! Don't forget what you came to school for, and definately don't get mixed up in the wrong crowds. Choose a school that can not only stimulate your mind but can also alleviate the pressures you'll likely face while you attend.


My best advice is for the student to know what kind of atmosphere they learn best in. There is no use in trying to go to a state school when you learn best in small settings. Once in college make the best out of your life, try joining clubs but, it is very important to always remember to keep your grades up. Grades should always be of priority in college!


To students; start preparing for college early, and whatever it is that you feel makes you happy, do it! Don't choose a major based on what other people tell you. Choose your major because it's what you want, because it's what you feel you want to do for the rest of your life. Another piece of advice, go away to college and live on campus. It may be hard if you're close to your family, but it really and truely is the only way to get the full college experience, and I strongly believe it helps one grow as a person. So study long and study hard, and don't forget, it's your life so live it to its fullest.


It is important to start looking for a school early so that if you need to make visits to any schools, you can do so. Look for schools that meet your needs academically as well as financially. It is also very important that you feel comfortable and at-home in the school of your choice because it will become your home away from home, if you don't feel at-home, it will be hard to concentrate on your school work. Once you have chosen your school and start your college life, you must always have and keep your goal in mind and never let it slip. Once you are here, it is easy to get distracted by things that are irrelevant to the reason you came to school, but as long as you stay focused, you will be okay. It is good to find activities that you can relate to and become involved in, especially if you are looking for a higher degree. Your long-term goals are something to always keep in mind. They are what will ultimately take you where you want to be in life.


I would advice future collegiate students to go to the college of their choice and not settle. I would advice parents to be the cheerleaders of their child, if education is such a high valued aspect they want their child to pursue, then they should stand by whatever college their child wants to attend. There is no reason for anyone to go to a university they happened to settle upon due to financial issues, etc. There is aid for those who can't afford all expenses. I would also like to admit that although students are looking at colleges with big eyes and the notion to be away from their parents, if he or she is un-happy at their university for whatever reason does not mean they are entitled to attend for four years. Move on and find another university where you feel meets all or most of all the expectations of a true college experience. To make the most of the college experience, I reccommend joining a couple of organizations and making friends with those in your classes. Find your support group in college, they will ease the burden of academia and become your social outlet when needed.


Keep looking into colleges and choose the best one that is right for you and your family.


well from my time in college, and the money that my mother has spent on me, although i hate that my mother has to spend so much money i know that in the end it will be to my benifit. If i were to do it all over again i would have looked for more scholorships and would have chosen a college that was cheaper only for my mothers sake. I do attend community college in the summer if anything it has helped so i don't waste money on classes that are not toward my major. I guess all i can tell the parents is start saving money from the day you find out you are expecting a child. i wish my mother had done that. Aswell as you need to give your child the space to be able to find out what they want in life. no matter what they decide you have to support them in all they do. If anything that is what matters the most.


When it comes to finding the right college for you there are many aspects that you have to look at. First of all make sure the institution has the program you want. Small class sizes are essential to have more communication with your professors, because good communication with your professors is an essential factor to succeed in college. We need to make sure that the institution has the right facilities and programs to help you complete the tasks required by your classes. While someone is in a college we need to make study the main focus and not get so easily distracted by social events. Socializing is one of the main distractions in which students find themselves so into it and mistakenly put in the first place, when this happens students tend to forget the real reason why they went to college. Therefore to make more out of our college experience we need to learn how to prioritized what is really important and make our money worth instead of leading ourselves be blinded by less important things, so that stress will not overwhelm us at the end.


Start early and shop around. Choose a school that will meet all your needs. Look at the atmosphere of campus, wander through on a school day if possible, ask to sit in on classes. Spending one day on site and make a world of difference. As for the college experience, just live it. There are so many opportunities in college, both social and academic, that many people (particularly freshmen) simply pass up. Carpe diem, go for it, and as long as you are not stupid and remain in control, there is nothing to worry about.