Our Lady of the Lake University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How expensive it is comming to tis school, and the amount of loans I had to take out.


I had tried years before straight out of high school to begin this journey only to have returned home wihtout a degree and a much lower GPA than I was accustom to attaining. The new journey began with asking for help. If there was on thing that I would know it would be how much help there is and that it is important to find a mentor in your career and at your University. Mentors are a wealth of information and could have saved me in my first journey to college.


I would have liked to be more aware of the amount of investment it takes to come to school. Coming from a poor background, to succeed in such a prestigous school is difficult financially and with financial aid nearly maxing out close to my last semester, it has been a struggle to survive everyday living and still continue my education. Being better prepared financially would have relieved some of the burden of the school expenses I am currently encountering. To learn from my mistakes, I have taken the initiative to enroll in financial wellness classes to save for college.


I wish i knew that it was it was not ethnically diverse and that i wouldn't enjoy myself there.


That I should have been prepared for all nighters


that the living is not as good.


How expensive it was going to be and possibly if there were more scholarships


I wish to have known that although the female population overpowers the male population, there aren't many "pretty" girls. Also, there is a huge street that runs right through the campus which is inconvienent.


no because that would have ruined my college experience.


How much the professors would really loathe the students.


very strict with date lines