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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have told myself that the transition to college life isn't that difficult. If high school students had to pay for their education, like in college, they probably would have focused more. I think that's the only difference I encountered during the transition, other than that high school teachers are always nice, even when students think differently. The one major thing I would have wanted myself to realize is that course curriculums change quite often. I wouldn't have kept putting off certain classes I didn't find interesting, or thought would be hard, if I had realized that at some point, there may be more of that subject due to new state laws.


Dear Self, The year is 2014 (25 years after you have graduated from High School) and we are currently in college. I know that going to college at this point in your life was a distant thought, due to you not wanting to put a financial burden on Mom. However, there is finanicial aide and so many scholarships that are available to you that the burden you are so worried about can disappear. Instead of following your friends to either UT or BGSU we are currently enrolled at Owens. Starting at the Community College costs less to start with than the bigger Universities and has a very diverse group of students that are willing to help you out. Besides you are smart enough for college, for we are members of two honors societies, Phi Theta Kappa and Kappa Beta Delta. We have had a blast being active in these societies. However, we are more active in Phi Theta Kappa and have a huge network of friends in just the short time that we have been a member. The transiton was seemless to college life, just do the research, take a deep breath, and take that step. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


I would have told myself to sell my truck and buy a car because, my trucks transmission stopped working so I had to buy two more vehicles that both stopped working and I could have sold my truck for a lot more if the transmission worked. Also, applie for as maney scholarships as posible because, I am out of money and my job wont work me enough to catch up with everything because, my employers are running out of business. Then, I would tell myself to schedule classes a little better because, my classes had too much time inbetween and I fell asleep trying to study and missed classes once in a while. Then, I would tell myself to get my Owens debit card working before school starts and buy a bookbag, folders, notebooks, pencils, and spare batteries because, I was not aprepared with these things for my first semester. Finally, I would have told myself to bring my school supplies inside the house when I get home every night because, the car and stuff in it, including my school supplies, get cold and moist at night.


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself I would say that the most importnat thing in life is your education. I would tell myself once in college not to get discouraged when things go wrong and to never give up no matter how bad things may seem. There are always people at the school that will help you to get where you want to go. Life isnt about being perfect, its about getting better. Study hard now and don't get distracted. A big part of life is about balancing things out. Make sure you balance school, work, family, and finally friends. Keep your grades up and know that an education is the most important thing you will complete.


Don't plan for the future, or at least don't set those plans in stone. These days, it's very expensive to make plans, and if you go back on those plans, it becomes a loss that cannot be afforded. Do not make yourself vulnerable to anyone. As long as you've been independent to begin with, making this transition will be very easy. Most importantly, though, continue to stand your ground, and know that you are not defined by your major, your grades, or your triumphs or failures, but rather your courage to push through all as though they are one in the same.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell my self to take sschool more seriously than I was and to start saving my money more so I don't have to spend every check I get on school and bills so that I can live a little confortably.


I took post secondary classes when I was a senior in high school so I had an idea of what college life would be like. I love being in college and it is an experience of a life time. The only thing is the cost of being a college student and having to pay for a lot of things on your own. College is really expensive and I wish I could have told myself that when I was a senior. I knew it was going to be but I never really understood it untill now. I didn't apply for any scholarships because I thought I would never get one but I realize now that I should have.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about starting college, thier would be three major tips. The first tip would be to have taken more PSO (Post secondary Option) classes. Taking college classes while still in highschool offered many benefits. It allowed myself to take college classes for highschool and college credit that I did not have to pay for. PSO also allowed me to get a feel for college life and classes before graduating High school, so I wasn't so apprehensive about starting college. The second piece of advice I would have for myself is to apply for more scholarships. Any scholarship helps in paying for college. The more scholarships you apply for the greater chance of recieving quite a few to help out with college expenses. It can never hurt to apply for any that you are eligible for. A third piece of advice I would give myself is to start saving early for college. The more money you have to start with will take the burden off tuition, books and student loans. Doing these things would have help ease the transition from highschool to college life


When I was a high school senior in 1986-87, I wanted to go to college but did not know what I wanted to study. My family did not encourage me to go to college because they did not want to pay for it or take the time to help me get financial aid. I also did not have a driver's license or a car, so getting to school was also a challenge. If I could go back and give advice to my seventeen-year old self, I would encourage me to talk to any teacher, guidance counselor, or college advisor who would listen and beg them to help me find a solution so that I could go to college. There should have been someone who could have helped my mother complete the necessary forms and there had to be someone who could have driven me to the college or helped me get my license and a car. I also would have told me to just start taking general education classes until I figured out which career path would be best. Here I am at age 40, successfully getting my degree.


i would tell myself not to give up. and get better grades and join more clubs.


I would have told myself not to drop out of school. A strong education is the only way to make a good living and be happy at the same time. Make as many contacts as possible; it comes in handy when applying for jobs. Try to keep jobs as long as possible, there aren't as many jobs as it appears.


I would of have enjoyed my summer break & I would of started attending college the fall semester after I graduated high school. I would have been done with my degree & would have a career. I would of pushed myself more on decided what career path to take. I would of finished up my Early Childhood Education Associates degree instead of doing Business management degree.


I would tell myself just go with the flow and study hard. Even if you have lots of free time, find something to work on, so you don't get used to the life of no homework and become a procastinator. Do your work when they are first assigned so you do not get stressed out with any assignment.


i would tell myself to really buckle down and get my gpa up. i would also tell myself to look at more schools/ options before i decided on where i really wanted to go. scholarships and grants, i would have to tell my self to apply for more of them, that school is really expensive!!!

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