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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I know it may sound absurd, because you are a very determined and ambitious young lady, but DO NOT QUIT SCHOOL!! You can go part-time or transfer close to home. Don't allow "fun" to interrupt studying, stop worrying about the loans (once you finish and have a job you will be able to pay them off), and please trust yourself more you know what is right for you.


Dear Krystin, This is your future self. I am writing to you to give you some advice for college work. The most important things that you need to do are to study, do your home work, take notes, and buy certain school supplies. You should study every day for thirty minutes to an hour. Do not wait till the last day before the test. Most classes cover a lot of material and if you try to cram it in all at once you are probably not going to get a passing grade on your test. Regarding homework, use a planner and your class syllabus to keep track of assignment deadlines, and start on an assignment early. While you are in class, take good notes. If your teacher says something is important or writes information on the board, put it in your notes. Finally, be sure to buy a jump drive to store assignments on. Jump drives enable you to keep your assignments organized and easily accessible. If you follow my advice, you will be a successful student. Sincerely, Yourself PS If you do not follow my advice, who I am now will cease to exist.


Just because you're a senior doesn't mean that you should give up. Every grade, every test, every deadline should be treated like it can effect your whole gpa, because it can. Being cool and popular and the "hot chick" isn't everything. I would have told myself to be more balanced and not have been a slacker or a procrastinator because that is hard to grow out of. Develop good study habits do you don't strain every brain particle you have the week before and of finals because it will catch up with you if you slack off all semester and try to cram everything into one week. And finally, don't follow the crowd-follow your heart, its your education, not your friends.


If given the opportunity to go back in time, I would tell myself to not be afraid to face challenges in life. Committing myself to setting goals and achieving them would be of great help. Being more self-motivated would be a great asset. Joining school clubs or participating in more local volunteer programs would be helpful, not only for looking good on future resumes but it would help increase my self-esteem. Devoting more time to reading the assigned reading as well as doing some extra reading on given topics to expand my overall and specific knowledge of the particular topic. Go ahead and pursue my college career so that I could obtain my desired occupation and therefore, enjoy my retirement at a much earlier age.


One of the things that I would strongly encourage myself to do was to get better grade in school. That college isn't as hard as you may think that it is. That it isn't just for the highly intellegent, but for those highly motivated. I would also tell myself not to let anyone tell you that you can't be all that you want to be. Believe in yourself, hold your head up high and be proud of your achievement. To get myself foccused and organized for my future. Not to rush into growing up, to enjoy being young.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self I would let myself know to make up my mind before I went to college. I have changed my major already three times and wish I hadnt. I am still in a two year college after three years with no associate because 1. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do, 2. I didnt look up and research things myself, 3. I played around too much thinking everything would fall in my lap. Just from this one year of hard work I earned all A's all because I studied and wanted to succeed. At the beginning of freshmen year succeeding was something I really wanted to do, but my heart and drive wasnt in it. Now, unfortunately three years later, I am fired up and ready to get done with school. I am the only one in my family going to college and I have to say it means a lot to me. Though I feel at times I am running in circles, I keep going. I'd tell senior self to stick to a major and run with it.