Ozark Christian College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ozark is a tight knit community with both its students and professors, if you are looked for a Biblically based education that will teach and prepare you to serve others, than Ozark is the school for you.


Ozark is a very religious, devoted school that loves its students and wants to see them grow as mature adults more than anything.


Ozark is a great school for building personal and professional relationships that will help encourage you in your professional endeavors after entering into the working world, and there are plenty of opportunities made available by the faculty to allow for networking and internship opportunities.


Ozark Christian College is a wonderful place to grow in your Christian walk with brothers and sisters in Christ who keep you accountable to growth in academics, spiritual disciplines, and community in general.


Ozark Christian College is a Great School; though it's small, Big things often come in small packages.