Ozark Christian College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A lot of the students are fresh Christians and others have been Christians for years. The general atmosphere of the student life is a very loving and accepting student body. At times, we do have our moments of "cliques" but overall, we're a loving community.


They are very agreeable and easy to get along with and there is an openess between students that is rare at most colleges without most of the cliques.


Whole-hearted individuals who love helping others.


Christians. Some are conservative and close-minded others are loving and just following God.


My classmates are friendly and intelligent people who are eager to learn and enjoy class, but who also like to have fun and build relationships with one another.


My classmates are engaging during class discussions, great friends outside of class, and Christian leaders among the community.


Students at Ozark Come here wanting to Serve God, and Leave with the tools to do just that.