Ozark Christian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Amanda, College is BIG. It can be intimidating with all the decisions that need to be made and you will always want to second guess yourself. You will make bad decisions and fail at times, but that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up about it. Ask for help when you need it, learn from your mistakes, and keep going with confidence. Always keep this in mind too, don’t let other people’s expectations of you influence your life decisions. Explore what interests you, not only academically but on campus and within the community. Have fun meeting new people and trying new things, you never know where it could lead, so be ALL there. There will be times when you won’t want to be in class or go to work, but trust me, don’t let yourself check out and be lazy. Each day will makes up your life, if you keep your head focused on tomorrow, you will forget to live in the moment today.


As I high school senior, I was enrolled in college classes within the community college in Reno. Although, I was taking the classes, they almost seemed easier because I had my high school teachers help with almost everything. If I could go back and give myself advice, I would tell myself not to rely on other people so much. Being in college without the aspects of high school is so much different. I would tell myself that I need to stay focused in order to succeed, it isn't as easy to just decide I can skate by, I have to study and I have to be prepared. It is imperative to do my best and not do anything half way, otherwise, I won't learn what I am supposed to. But most of all, I would tell myself that it is possible, if I put my mind to it. In high school, college seemed scary, but now, actually being there, it isn't as hard or scary as I thought it would be.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a naive senior, about to enter the word of responsibility, loans, syllabi, and bills, I think I would tell myself not to stress. This may sound peculiar in light of all the stressors I listed above, but those things you can't really do anything about. Sure, it is possible to make it through college debt-free and it is possible to work enough to pay your bills yet still somehow have enough time to get your homework done. But let's be honest, those things often come at a cost, which can often be our sanity. Whether we make it through the fastest way possible and come out with $10,000 in loans or whether we take six years to complete our bachelors but come out debt-free, sanity will still be lost along the way. So don't stress about it. Decide what is most valuable and go for it, responsibly, yet stress-free. This is a part of life you will make it through and it will fly by, so don't let it be the worst years because of the pressure and anxiety.


Get on the ball and get scholarships, get on top of your grades, and just put more effort into high school. I know it seems at the time like it's not that important and you don't have to try hard to do well, but strive to be excellent! When you get to college, you will be glad that you did. It is better to do all that you can now to avoid debt and struggle that is inevitable in the college life. Also, develop good study habits.


I have learned a lot about history and the Bible. Also, I have better learned how to help others and better deal with my own personal situations.


I received an excellent education at Ozark and the most valuable thing I have received from its faculty and staff was the inspiration to uphold a higher moral standar for myself and they people that I interact with every day. There is no way to measure the benefits that came from what my professors displayed in their conduct outside of an academic setting. Their character outside of the classrom provided for a good example of what a morally and upright person can do to promote positive change in the world.


The advice that i would tell myself would be to finish high school with good grades and not to slack off because its senior year. Also DO NOT take time off after graduating high school. Go straight to college and keep doing your best. I would advise my self to prioritize and no procrastination. Put your education first before any major desicions, because it will be more difficult to reach goals and never give up. Last but not least, always challange yourself. That is the advice i would give to myself .


Just remember it is going to be a tough transition moving to a school where you know absolutley no one but it is worth it. Do not be afraid to be outgoing and make new friends. People will love you for who you are and you will make some great friends for life at this school. Never give up, always push through.


It's important to find the right college. One that makes you feel comfortable, offers classes to reach your desired degree and that offers many campus groups/clubs and activites. It's important to be diligent in your work but also find a balance for social activity. Try and find a club or orgainization that allows you to get involved with the college and this way it's easier to make friends. Having friends is essential for human lives and having a group will also help you excel in the classroom because your emotional needs for socializing will have been met!


Pick a college that defines your study. Ozark Christian College is for students who wish to go directly into Christian ministry in the United States or abroad or seeking higher education in Theology or Psychology in graduate school directly after graduation. I would not encourage a student to attend here if they were indecisive about their degree since most of their credits will probably not transfer from here. However, if a student is looking to enter into Christian ministry or just needs a semester to increase their knowledge about Christianity in general or about the Bible, then this school would also be a great choice.


Find a college that provides a constructive environment for you to pursue the kinds of disciplines you are seeking to enhance or develop. Find a college that fosters strong community and has a committment to academic excellence. Lastly, find a college that is affordable and within your means of payment, for you will have to pay back all of the loans you take out.


It doesn't really fall on the college you decide to attend. It falls on you. You can go to a small college, a large college, a liberal one or a conservative one, you will get out of school what you put into school. If you want to learn you need to learn how to study, how to discipline yourself. You will get out of college what you put into it. Your college will change you, if you allow it to. Figure out the atmosphere of the school, their motives and aspriations and the people that teach there and attend there, because you most likely will become one of them. Go to school seeking to learn, seeking to find out new information not only from your books but from the people who come into your life. College will change your life - you must allow yourself to be open minded and ready for an experience. So many people think you need to attend college for book knowledge and a future career. When in actuality we need college to find ourselves, to find relationships and to find our independency. To live a new season of life.


When ?college searching,? make sure that whatever school you are looking at offers what you want and need: classes, extracurricular activities, a good environment, financial aid, etc. Take campus visits at different colleges during the school year to truly get a feel of the environment and to see if the campus appeals to you. If several colleges meet your personal requirements, choose one that will make you happy, comfortable, and that you will enjoy both your classes and the campus life. Once you are in college, do not neglect your studies?that is why you are going to college?but in order to get the most out of the next few years, GET INVOLVED! To truly build long-lasting relationships and fond memories, get to know people and involve yourself with the activities offered. Be active in pursuing friendships, because the friendships you build in college will continue for life. Participate in intramurals, in choir, in theater, in whatever you like to do. The activities of the college are where you will find fun and friends and make your college years the best they can be as you pursue your future career.


In order to find the best college for your future, I would advise visiting the campuses of the schools you are interested in. Be sure to consider the pricing and financial aid offered, the quality of the degrees offered, the flexibility of majors, and the focus of the school.


Perspective students should research numerous schools through the internet. During this time they should be researching the schools degree programs and academic life. Since many students change their course of study at least once during their program, they should seek schools that offer a varity of degree programs in areas that interest them. Through the intial research, the students should narrow the list of potential schools. This is where issues like location, facilities, and facutly should guide the process. The list should now be handful of schools. The students should now visit the schools during a normal class week and sit-in on a variety of classes. They should examine the student body and see if it is a place where they would naturally fit. They should look around the city where the school is and ask themselves if this is the place they want to spend the next four of more years. To make the most out of college, students have to work their hardest but also have to leave plenty of room for creating memories and having a good time. College is not alsways easy, but if you give it your all it will be a rewarding experience.


Try before you buy was the most important thing for me. I was accepted to several Colleges, all of which sounded really cool. However when taking a campus visit, i made sure to stay overnight in the dorms, introduce myself to people besides the recruiter who gave me the tour, and goto a few classes. By doing this, You will get to see the colleges up close and personal.