Pace University-New York Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms are not the best, but I've seen worse. Maria's Towers is where most freshmen live, its right above the classrooms and its small with shared bathrooms, the only upside is you meet a lot of people quickly. There is also the option of John St., about a five minute walk from school and Clark and Henry St dorms in brooklyn, which are a short commute of ten minutes and newly updated. Fulton St dorms are the nicest and are the closest to school, but usually taken by seniors and juniors. By junior year most students get apartments because it is less of a hassle than dealing with Pace housing.


I don't dorm, but I have been in my friend's dorm in Maria's Tower, on John Street, and in the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn. Maria's Tower is the lowest quality of the dorms, but most convenient because you can just take an elevator down to get to your classes since Maria's Tower is in the same building as most classes offered at the Manhattan Campus. John Street dorms are only a few blocks away and are very nice. Usually two people dorm in the rooms as opposed to St. George Hotel where there are three people to a dorm. The walls are also thicker at John Street, you can hear everything in the dorms around you in the Brooklyn dorms. Yet the Brooklyn dorms are very nice and are in a beautiful neighborhood that's two stops away from the campus by train.


The dorms are not the best but Pace is doing a lot of renovations very soon that involves combining all of the Westchester campus'. The townhouses are a favorite place for students to dorm on campus.


The Westchester campus has two dorm campuses: Pleasantville and Briarcliff. The main n campus has three dorms: Martin Hall, North Hall and Townhouse. Both Martin and North Hall house male and female students. The dorm rooms are not carpets and comes with built in walk in closets. The floors are either same sex or co-ed floors, with the opposite sex being on the far opposite side of the dorm. The bathrooms and showers are communi cal to the entire floor. The Townhouses are only for upperclassmen male and females. The houses are built in apartment style and houses eight students in four double sized rooms. The dorm has a full kitchen, a living and dining room & two bathrooms. The Briarcliff campus has five dorm halls, Howard Johnson, Hillside, Valley, New Dorm and Dow Hall. Howard Johnson is the new dorm that is only for undergraduate female students. The rooms are mainly doubles but also have triple and quad rooms. come equipped with air conditioning, carpet, a walk in closet as well as a microfridge. Hillside & Valley Hall are co-ed dorms that have double, triple and quad rooms. Some of the rooms have wardrobes or walk in closets. The rooms are not carpeted but have air conditioning. Hillside,Valley & Howard Johnson all have communical bathrooms and showers that are cleaned daily by a cleaning service (the same for North & Martin Hall on Pleasantville). Dow Hall is mainly for honor students and student athletes. The rooms are built in suite styles and are double rooms the suite mates share one bathroom & the rooms also come with a walk in closet. New Dorm is like the Townhouses instead it doesn't have a kitchen or two bathroom and instead of housing eight students it houses four. New dorm rooms come with a balcony, a bathroom and a living room area and every roommate has there own room.


I've lived at 2 out of the 4 dorms. The freshman stay at Maria's Tower, this dorm has a community shower and bathroom, which is cleaned every day. The rooms are a decent size but some of the views from the room are just breathtaking. There are RAs on each floor that can assist you whenever you need. There is security to sign in guests. There is also a kitchen on every other floor and a gym in the basement. But the best part about Maria's Tower is that it's attached to the school itself so it takes a few minutes to get from bed to the classroom. The second dorm is in Brooklyn. I absolutely adore living in Brooklyn, it's a much more residential area and a different vibe from downtown. It has just been renovated and it looks absolutely beautiful. There's a decent sized community kitchen, community areas with pool tables, and group study rooms. It also includes a gym membership to the local gym.


Maria's Tower (All Freshmen Dorm) - Maria's Tower is a University owned dorm, located on the main building of the NYC Campus One Pace Plaza. Maria's Tower has 12 floors. It includes wireless internet, heat and air conditioning, 24-hour security, free laundry and communal lounges with flat screen televisions. The rooms are shared doubles and the bathrooms are communal but there are enough for each floor. It is the best dorm a student can live in as a freshman. There is a large sense of community and students make some of their best friends in college at Maria's Tower. John Street (Freshmen and Upperclassmen Dorm) - It is leased by the Pace through Educational Housing Services (EHS) consisting of 18 floors. The amenities include wireless internet, 24-hour security, laundry, a communal lounge on the 18th floor and a free gym facility. The rooms range from double and triple rooms with furniture, flat screen televisions in each room with cable and private bathrooms. Although John Street is within walking distance of One Pace Plaza, please be mindful that the fire alarms are sensitive and are set off by fellow students. Thus, increases the amount of fire drills that take place. Fulton Street (Upperclassmen Dorm) - Pace owned dorm within walking distance of One Pace Plaza. There is 24-hour security. Amenities include wireless internet, private full kitchens, private bathrooms, free laundry, 24-hour study lounge, gym facility and cable ready rooms. The rooms range from singles (which are limited), doubles, open/closed quads. Fulton is the dorm that is most similar to an apartment therefore it does fill up quickly when room selection season rolls around! St. George/ Clark Residence (Freshmen and Upperclassmen) - This dorm is in Brooklyn but that should not deter anyone from living here since it is only one train stop away from the NYC Campus. Trust me it is a lot closer than what people think. There is 24-hour security, laundry, free shuttle transportation to the main Pace campus, along with free gym membership to Eastern Athletics which is down the block from the dorms. The rooms range from singles, doubles and triples. The room amenities include private bathrooms, furniture, and flat screen televisions. Although they are connected the St. George and the Clark Residence are two different dorm residences facing different streets. Both dorms are also owned by EHS however the rooms are significantly larger than the John Street dorms and cheaper given the location. The area of Brooklyn Heights offers some of the most renowned restaurants such as Grimaldi's Pizzeria. It also has the famous Promenade with the view of Manhattan skyline. Students should definitely considered the St. George/ Clark Residence when choosing a dorm.


The dorms vary by building. All dorms have RAs, gyms, cable, wifi and guards. All of them are also close to school. Maria's Towers is more of a communal space. Each floor share four bathrooms and two lounges. Also it's above the main building so it's only one elevator ride to class. It may seem a little weird at first but it is the BEST dorm for freshmen. You make your main friends and stories there. Fulton is more apartment like. You can get a closed quad or open quad. The closed has more privacy but the open seems to have more space. These dorms also have nicer bathrooms and full kitchens. John St is more of a separated space. Narrow hallways and tall ceilings. These rooms look more modern but are smaller than other dorms. Each room has their own bathroom but only two kitchens for the whole building. BROOKLYN DORMS (St. George & Clark St) Same building but two different sides. Downtown in Brooklyn Heights with free shuttle buses to school or just one MTA train stop away. These dorms have the best neighborhood. The rooms are bigger than John St. but very similar in style. The kitchen, lounges, and screening room in this building are really nice. Many people tend to say the Clark St. side is slightly better than the St George side.