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Pace University-New York

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The obvious: downtown NYC location.

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Basically, know what your getting into. Most people think that they'll live this glamorous life if they live in New York but that's a lie. The people out here can be cold and careless and often judge people on their looks. If your wholesome and conservative, prepare to be challenged in every way possible. Hold fast onto your dignity and never feel like you're obligated to do something or act a certain way. Be yourself no matter what and although people will say things, deep down they'll respect you. Stay to yourself when needed because if you spend too much time with friends you can loose focus. Women, stay away from drinking at parties. There have been many rape reportings. Be alert, be aware, observe people before you try to befriend them. If you don't know where you stand, you will be crushed. If you're an individual, prepare to feel lonley every once in a while but that's okay because if you stand strong until the end, you'll be able to make it anywhere.

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