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Tell us about the food and dining options.

Pace University Westchester has two dining hall one on each campus, Pleasantville and Briarcliff. The main dining hall is Kessel on Pleasantville. Kessel serves hot food like burgers, quesadillas and french fries that is cooked right in front of you. Kessel has a sandwich/wrap station that allows you to make any type of sandwich you want. It also has a pizza and pasta station. Another thing in Kessel that is attractive is the ice cream maker machine. It makes any kind of ice cream you want in seconds. On Briarcliff you have the same options as PLV. The food is really good and if anything is not made to your liking take it back and get either the same thing or something different. If you're hungry for a late night bite and both halls are closed, on Briarcliff there is a late night eating area called Pace Perk that offers you food and drinks and some nights Pizza Hut.

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The food at Pace is great. They have a lot of options from different cultures and they have many healthy options. Everyone starts off with a meal plan and most people use it up pretty fast. Money from the meal plan transfers over from the fall to spring, but not the spring to fall. There has also been this new concept of Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars are taken out of your meal plan and can be used at venues around Pace like Rosella's (which has AMAZING Italian food by the way). If the food at Pace doesn't cater to you, there are plenty of food places around campus to choose from.

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After a slight hiccup last year in regards to our food options, the new food provider has stepped it up in terms of options and quality. This year, a flex dollars plan was introduced allowing students to use their meal plan off campus at restaurants like Chipotle. I feel that Pace is finally on par with other NYC schools in the food department.

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