Pace University-New York Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


Pace University is a school of opportunity. Whether you are interested in business, nursing, or liberal arts and sciences, you can find what you're looking for and more. The great thing about Pace is that you get the best of both worlds. If you are interested in a city campus, you have access to it. Yet you want a more traditional rural campus then you also have access to it through the Pleasantville campus. You can take a wide variety of classes, be exposed to many organizations, and have many options in the steps taken to a career. Pace helps you a lot in not just getting a degree, but a job. They offer many internships and jobs through top companies and faculty always encourage students to do and search for more.




Pace University in Westchester is not big nor is it small but just right. The students here are unique in their own way and thats what is one of the great pros here. You will NEVER find someone that is the same as the other. The way around campus is very easy, but if you do get lost there are campus maps all over.


It's a small and diverse university 45 minutes outside of midtown Manhattan, situated amongst trees and greenery in quaint Westchester county. The environment's positive and reportedly has the best internship program in the New York Metropolitan Area. I love it here--I tell everyone that.

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