Pace University-New York Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Most of the classes here have a ratio of 25:1, which is beneficial for the students because the professor has the opprotunity to get to know each student individually. You will get classes that have only 12 students or even a class with more than 25 students. In some cases depending on the credit you recieve from the class or the professor, you will have classes that are 4 hours long or at night or early in the morning. Whatever the case is, you will get something out the class.


My classes are very focused on my concentration of Public Relations. I have Communications major requirements but I have been able to focus that on PR. They vary from Writing a Public Relations Copy to Radio and Television Communications. There are more intriguing classes such as Invasion of Reality Television and Event Planning. All of my classes give me real life experience that I will need for my coming graduation and quest for my career.


My classes are intriguing, yet challenging. As a Communications major with a Journalism minor, most of my classes are geared towards writing and learning about the world of Public Relations. However, I am an Honors student as well, so I am also taking classes in psychology and philosophy, which are both very mentally stimulating. I enjoy my classes because they are not too long where I feel I cannot maintain my focus, and still long enough where I know I leave the classroom each day with newly acquired knowledge. I respect all of my professors because it is evident that they are passionate about what they teach. They manage to make each class a new learning experience, by involving each of their students. Pace does not offer classes where students can just sit in the back and go unnoticed all semester - students are always encouraged to participate in each class.


The classes I took this semester were all required core classes that I just hadn't taken yet, but usually they're interesting anyway. No one wants to sit through a boring class so thank goodness even in the required classes, there are always a few good eggs who move the class along and entertain them. They're good lengths--luckily, the longest classes (3 hours) don't go straight through most of the time because teachers know we need breaks. Overall, I enjoy my classes.


This semester my classes are becoming a bit easier. I'm only one full semester away from graduation so majority of my difficult course, I have already completed. I enjoy my classes this semester because they are really helping to get a taste of what I will be facing in the real world at a real job.


Because of other commitments, I opted to take most of my classes online. I like that I have the option to do so because it allows me to open my schedule up to potential internships and jobs.

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