Pace University-New York Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Breaks between semesters :)


I brag about the fact that I'm in the city and that I have the access to everything in the tip of my fingers. I have access to all the trains, theaters, restaurants, and touristic spots all so close to me.


the small size of classes and location


The inherint diversity and vibe of living in New York. Pace allows wonderfully for intergrating oneself into the city and for being exposed to diversity one would never imagine e.g. Indians who grew up in Tanzania or Italians who lived in Indonesia. There are also numerous cultural attractions like the Met or MoMA, St. Marks or Harlem; and transportation all night long.


I brag about all the opportunties that my school has to offer like internships.


I brag about the campus and education. There is always something going on all during week and students are very focused in their school work always studying and preparing.


really ncie businese school, great businese surroundings


I brag most about how great the nursing program is and also about what a peacefull campus we have. I always mention the pond right in front of the library. I also tend to talk about how small my classes are. I had one class that had twelve people in it once.


It being in New York City and right next to Brooklyn.


how close our group of friends all live together.




The thing i brag about the most is that out of all my friends i have the highest GPA at 3.5 but i do not get to party as much as they do. Going to Pace is like a way of life school first then party. After a test or a paper we ask each other how did u do because we all want good grades. Love my school


I brag mostly about how it is in New York City.


the name


I usually tell them that Pace is a top contender for business and that I dorm in the lush Brooklyn Heights area.


I usually say that my school is very tolerant of everything. It is easy to make friends and get your work done at the same time. Residential life is very understanding when the possible mishap of a write up is in order. The teachers are great and are very knowledgable on their subjects. Dorm life is awesome there's nothing like it.


the one thing i brag about my school is that it is in the city.