Pace University-New York Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Tution is way too much


lack of drive by some students


Honestly I cannot come up with a thing. Maybe how active the students are which is actually a good thing!


The worst thing about my school is the administration. They are corrupt and some of them find ways to make your life miserable when you sincerely try to succeed. Administration just makes it harder than they should in order to help you with anything.


The worst part about this school would have to be the tuition cost in relationship to what you recieve in exchange. The campus is quite small and doesn't have the nicest facilities/equipment (labs, gym, library, cafeteria, etc.) The high tuition with a low standard of education causes many of the students to be quite mediocre but with wealthy families who pay for their tuition. In other words there are many spoiled students who aren't studying because they want to, but because they are obligated to.


The worst thing about Pace is the financial aid office. It is very disorganized and if you need help they will help but will not have the hasty/ sincere follow-up attitude that makes you feel like they dont care if you get the loan or scholarship or grant or not. I also dont like the student advisors they make you feel like you did something wrong by picking out the wrong class. I rather they help me choose the right class then allowing me to take the wrong class and spend another year trying to take the right class.


The worst thing about Pace is that the two campuses, New York and Pleasantville, are so far away from each other. While the location of the NY campus is better, the Pleasantville campus has the sports teams and I believe the sport aspect, being a fan and such, is something the NY campus doesn't provide.


The cost of the college is rather expensive for the caliber of education that I have received, which has been good, if not mediocre. I took classes and they felt as if I were back in public education systems and I didn't pay a cent for those [if you do not count taxes].


My school is extremely expensive to attend. Without scholarship money it would be impossible for me and students like me to attend. I worked very hard for years to save up to go to school, and get a quality education, and it is very difficult to keep up with all the college expenses that this university requires. Education and living expenses are high, and each year the school raises tuition prices. This is difficult for students like me to manage when the bill comes around.


The worst thing that I could say about the school is that there wasn't really a sense of community already set in place. Pace University is in a huge city so it is generally up to the student to find their own place in it.


The worst thing about my school is that the majority of the students come from very wealthy families, when there needs to be more recognition for the ones that don't have wealthy families but are still academically bright. The ones that are very wealthy can be obnoxious and don't take driven innitative in the courses.


The worst thing, for me, is the weather during the winter. I hate the snow and the cold. Everything else about it, the scholarships and grants I received, my classes, my professors, are all good aspects of Pace. Some professors need to teach better but every school has bad professors.


The fast that there is very little diversity in the school. I'd like to see more of my race in that school and not have to have coming up with $35,000 a year for school be a factor.


There are certain times when it seems like nobody is in class and there isn't anywhere you can go to just relax. Also, only certain clubs are really pushed and promoted, while other ones do not e-mail you when you sign up for their ad-serve.


The worst thing about my school is how they inform students of the official move in regarding the dorms. Students who dorm at Pace do no recieve any notices or notifications on the official move-in dates. Therefore, it is confusing of that sort. Also, I believe that the school should have more healthier options regarding school food.


The worst thing about my school is the way they settle you from High school into college. I know that college and high school have very different ways of sending out messages, or grading, but the way my school expects people to understand the way college is the minute we have arrived at school is slightly ridiculous. We need a little more time to understand how college is run.


The worst thing about my school is that it is overpriced. It is a great school, yet I feel the cost of attendance should be lower. It offers prestigious programs and special services but costs more than universities in the area that offer the same services.


So far I have been attending Pace University for about 4 months. As time passes by, I haven't really found anything bad about my University. I guess the reason behind that is because I haven?t been searching for anything negative about my school. But if I would have to pick one of the worst things about Pace University, I guess I would say the food. When things become too repetitive, especially when it comes to food, one starts to dislike what they are eating.


once you step of campus its nothing really to do unless you go into the city.


The finacial Aid.


The administration.


financial aid and office of student assistance


budget allocation. Upper administration is WAY too overpaid


Too many clicks form depending on ethnicity. More organizations need to be formed creating a larger diversity of friends.


Too expensive


The tuition is roughly $40,000 a year, and the technological resources on-campus are pitiful. Our computer labs are old, the classroom overheads are always broken or misplaced, and the library resource computers are ancient. Additionally, the school's ambiance is anything but modern.


the tuition. highly overpriced


The worst thing I consider about this school is the adminstrative structure. Fortunately for me. I have no horror stories to tell but numerous friends of mine who told me, how the financial aid office has lost their form and they are not elgible for financial aid anymore. Or how the staff forgot to transfer his transcript on time causing him to miss the deadline for the college he was applying to.


The worse thing would probably be that there isnt enougth financial aid. Pace is a very prestigous school so it cost quite a bit and since my mother is a single parent of three children it is difficult for us to afford Pace.


Student apathy. Many of the student body are just here to get a degree without any care for what they are learning.


The worest thing about my school is its location because you have to drive to everything shopping bars and clubs.


Nursing teachers are not supportive


Tution, Pace is really expensive and I took a lot of loans to pay for it and now I am going to be graduating in debt. And I am not sure the job i will get will be worth the money I paid.


It isn't well known throughout the United States. Although many people recognize the name I'm afraid it may hurt when I apply for a job and the person doesn't recognize the school.