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What is the stereotype of students at Pace University-New York? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't really believe there is a stereotype since there is such a wide range of diverse people on campus, so I am unable to give an answer to this question.


One of the major stereotypes of Pace University is that its just a business school or just an acting school, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Pace has many majors within its other schools as well. Some other popular majors are communications, political science, and english.


Before attending Pace, I was told that it was filled with mostly Asians and business students. I would say that this is inaccurate because most students I meet are not business students and Pace University is very diverse. There is also said to be a high level of homosexuals that attend Pace, which I wouldn't necessarily categorize as accurate, but there is a high level of acceptance of homosexuality.


Pace students are fortunate to have a prestigious and admirable stereotype that I believe to be more than true, a stereotype of being hard workers. Pace students work very hard at trying to explore any opportunities that Pace has. Many students you encounter on a regular school day are either coming back from work or going to work. Many find internships or holiday jobs in order to gain all the experiences they need for a successful future. It is motivational and inspirational to be surrounded by a student body that is very ambitious.


I haven't heard many stereotypes of the student body in a blatant sense, but I have encountered many new students who are surprised by the diversity on campus. I'm a graduate student, who lives off-campus (a commuter student), so I may not be too in-the-know when it comes to the undergraduate, campus-wide student body and any stereotypes that may stem from them, but I have been surprised to see that the school offers a lot of different programs dedicated to acknowledging and supporting the diversity that does exists.


I feel as though Pace University is such a close knit community that there will always be stereotypes. The different social groups are all typical; athletes, frats/sororities, druggies, socialites. However, the common thread of Pace does bring everyone together. In a time of great tragedy such as the one that occurred last year with the death of one of our beloved classmates,Pace came together and showed our unity. Although this tragedy was plastered all over the media and caused much controversy, we were still able to come together and still continue to fight for justice.


I would say that Pace University has all different stereotypes. From the faternity guys and sorority girls, to the jocks and just cliquey girls. At first glance, yes you would definitely see this. Once you actually spend about five minutes on campus, you will see that these stereotypes are false, and although students hang out in their certain groups of friends, everyone on campus is extremely friendly and helpful. From my personal experience, I have been pleasantly surprised from everyone I have encountered here at Pace. I have friends who were on the football team, in sororities, and some of the "hipsters." My first time on campus was before school even started. I was walking around and trying to get to know the campus, when a girl who just graduated from the Master's program I am in offered to give me a tour. She gave me all of her contact information, and from there, I knew that this was a great school to be in!


One of the most common stereotypes i've heard about students at Pace is that we are all rich kids. This couldn't be any less true. Pace students como from various socio-economic backgrounds because the school counts with a great Financial Aid system and because a lot of money is given out every year in scholarships, too.


People think the Greeks live completely separate lives from everyone else but thats not true. Several of us inter-mingle and I personally hop into everyone's circle, both Greek and non-Greek as long as you're a fun person.


It's assumed that all of the Black kids know each other. It's not entirely true though.