Pace University-New York Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


As a student of the Nactel Program via Pace Univeristy, I believe the program (online) is wonderful for full time employees to continue their education.


Definitely someone who takes pride in originality and a want for success. My grandpa always told me "you were born an original, don't die a copy". Pace takes the person you are and doesn't try to conform you into society. Instead, they mold you into a better version of you while still focusing on your morals and distinctive qualities. I find this goal to be extremely set in the Musical Theatre department (which is my intended major).


Pace should be attended by those who truly are career driven. Students must make sure that they won't let the social aspects get in the way of their grades. People that should attend Pace should not be easily influenced by others, but should be able to listen and understand other people's opinions.


My school is actually very accepting for who you are as a person as well as your major. On this I believe any person can come into this school and be very happy.


Someone who wants to be a part of a very nontraditional campus, and want to take on the adventure of the "big-city" life. It is a great school for the arts, Inside the Actors Studio is filmed here, but they are also great for many other areas of acedemic study.


Honestly there's really no specific type of person that will or wont fit in at this school. Regardlesas of what typw of person you are, odds are you'll find someone that you can get along with and relate to. There's a decent enough variety of people here.


It is a very business oriented school and has a good business program. Therefore, I would recomend it to business students. If you're not interested in business I think it is a good steping stone school for students who haven't done as well as they wanted. At Pace students recieve valuable student-teacher relationships that allow you to improve your grades and/or experience in your field of study.


I actually attend the Pleasantville campus. You should attend this school if you're getting a full ride scholarship or have a lot of money. You should not go into debt with student loans from this school unless you're a nursing or business major. If you are interested in greek life or sports, this is the school for you.


A student who wants to study at a university in New York City should definitely apply to Pace University (NY campus). A student should apply to Pace University if he/she wants to be prepared to become leaders in their choice of study. Pace University provides an education that combines exceptional academics with professional experience. Pace University is good for students that want to take full advantage of New York. Students who apply to Pace University has the choice of going to school at three different campuses, locaed in New York City. Pace University is a great private school.


To attend Pace University, one needs to be very determined. Determination will lead to a successful education here because one needs to stay motivated for each and every class, stay determined to study for every exam, and pay attention in every class. One must be determined to save up to pay for the tuition of this college, and be determined to try and receive scholarships to help pay for the education.


The best kind of person who can attend Pace University is someone who doesn't really feel the need to be involved in school activities. This person goes to class and goes about their business elsewhere.


Ambitious students who are willing to work hard and desire a more intimate setting where they may get to know their professors.


Any individual who wants to major in Buisness, Physician assistance or performance art.


You should attend Pace if you're looking for small class sizes taught by actual professors and not TAs. There is no school spirit/ sports to speak of, so don't look for that. It's perfect if you want to be in college but be reminded of that fact as little as possible. I feel like I live in New York and happen to go to college, not the other way around.


A person who is open-minded, willing to have fun, and willing to work hard. Slackers and people who are intolerant of others don't seem to last long at Pace University.


A kind of person who is humble, patient, and who has to drive to succeed. Humbleness is crucial because Pace University is a small campus and not everyone is there for the right reason. Having patience will really help when things aren't going as plan but always follow up to get things done. Pace University prepares you acedemically, but a person must also do their part by wanting to succeed. If a person just go to college just because they were told to, they will waste time and alot of money.


Someone career-oriented who loves an urban landscape.


Finance and someone who wants to work in the corporate world.


Someone who is laid back and sociable. Who can get party but knows when its time to relax and get work done.


Business majors.




a rich person


There are a bunch of type of kids who attend Pace, but the biggest groups are mostly the theatre type, shopoholic-trendy type, and greek life


Someone who enjoys a lot of one-on-one attention and like moderate parties and activities. We all know when to have fun and when to study.




The strongest programs at this school are its business school and its theater program- emphasis on musical theater. The school's location near Wall Street and the Theater District give it an automatic edge in both these fields. If you want a school which will not crush you with a heavy academic load- but instead wish to focus more on you general major, Pace is a good choice. Classes are easy enough, but it is also designed that you can focus intensely on your major.


People who like big cities, people who are sociable, like to go out and dance,drink, go theater. Open minded who enjoy meeting all sorts of different people.


Someone looking for a new experience

Emnitza, spanish, black, white, asians... anything.. outgoing friendly


A person with financial mean and be relatively smart and hard working.


Someone that doesn't like a social life and doesn't need to have friends. Most people that attend Pace are rich students that couldn't get in anywhere else and their parents are paying for their college.


Students who are excited to learn and are dedicated to their studies. People who actually want to learn and get placed in a good job during school or after graduating.