Pace University-New York Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Pace University will allow you to succeed if you want to. They give you the tools and the opportunities, you just have to work hard and take advantage of them. One of the greatest assets at Pace is the faculty. We have a smaller student body, so the professors are more accessible and are willing to help you out. Build a relationship with your professors and advisors, and it will be beneficial in the long-run!


There are so many opportunities here, with interships, with education, simply put I love it. It is not a traditional campus, New York City is our campus and it never leaves room for a dull moment. Pace has an honors program that puts you with advisors to help you get through your four years in the best ways possible. From helping you pick classes, guiding you towards the best professors for that area. There are people who can help you with everything you need, all you have to do is ask.


My campus is New York City. I don't have quads or sports arenas at Pace, but I have access to every museum, landmark, store, art exhibit, etc. My campus is unlimited.


The fact that it is enough outside of the city for it to be a real suburban college town but close enough to the city where the commute is very feasible.


To me the most unique thing about the campus is the Choate Pond in the center of the campus and just the location and the people.


The most unique thing about Pace Downtown Manhattan is its location in the Lower East Side. You're near some of the most amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs in the world. Chinatown, SOHO, Little Italy, and the Financial District are no more than a 15 minute walk away. Anything you want is literally at your fingertips.


LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Pace is right in the heart of the Financial District. NYC City Hall is right across the street from campus and adjacent to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It is only blocks away from Wall Street, China Town, the South Street Seaport and Battery Park City. Pace is also closest to the majority of the main NYC train lines that can transport students to all different areas of NYC.


The nursing program because the professorsare very helpful and I learn a lot.


The best thing about Pace is the location. The fact that it's in the Financial District allows for students to sight-see, eat at different places, get jobs/internships, and still be enrolled to the school.


Pace's location in New York City affords it connections unrivelled by any other schools. There are numerous interships with leading global corporations that are literally located down the street. There are also opportunities for just about any major to experience, such as the UN or Soho's Arts scene.


The best thing about Pace University is that you can always go to someone if you having problems with school or ouside of school


The most important thing is education, they take it very serious and provide all the neccessary tools needed to succeed.


New York City


The best thing about Pace University is the diversity of the student body and faculty. Diversity exposes students to a new profound world of knowledge that may or may not be found in the classroom. There are individuals at Pace from every ethnic background, race, language, sexual orientation, as well as from countries all over the globe. This brings a clash of cultures to the university and students are gaining a worldly knoweldge from interacting with others from different cultures on a daily basis. Pace is also located in New York City- the melting pot of the world.


The opportunity to do scientific research as an undergraduate in a professional work environment.


Diversity. Because you are able to learn about a variety of cultures.


the best thing about my school is the amount of on-campus activities offered. No sudent can ever be bored on campus there is always something to get into.i like the fact that pace has alln types of ways that students can be involved and make the best of students college years , no matter what interest , there is something for every body .


The friendships that you can easily find and the future that the faculty helps you to create.


The school has great, supportive, and knowledgeable professors and small classes.


It's in New York City, Manhattan. So if your ever tired of the school scene...just hop on a train for two bucks and you could go to SOHO, the village, union square, 34th street (fashion district/ loads of shopping), times square, 5th ave, central park, loads of museums, plays, bars, clubs, etc....


Everyone is very friendly at Pace. Its very easy to meet people in different clubs and organizations and to make new friends.


The best thing about Pace University New York is the location.


The fact that the marketing professors are AMAZING! They really want you to succeed!


THe best thing about my school is the unique diversity and different people you will met. Everyone usually knows everyone and everyone is very friendly to one another. Professors are always willing to help students out when needed. Transportation is convientent and easy to get to. Security is great and the building is safe. Classes are not too large, with just about enough students per class for good teacher to student realtionship. The environment is clean and the location of the campus, downtown is great!


Although Pace University is smalled, it's just right. At times it does remind students of High School all over again, but once you all get together at events or parties, the school, the people become your extended family.


The best thing about the school is its proximity to Wall Street. Since its so close, we constantly have speakers come in and give us advise and job prospects.