Pace University-New York Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Because of the unique opportunities I knew that Pace had to offer due to its prime location in NYC. They have really fulfilled my hopes!


I decided to go to Pace University because I wanted a really unique college experience. I didn't want to be on a huge college campus, where I am just a number, or somewhere that is all about football. I love that fact that Pace gives me real world experience everyday just by the mere fact that it't in New York City. Pace is also great for it's connections in so many areas, I've really learned how to network in a short period of time.


I decided to go to Pace because I felt that it was the best school to suit my needs. It is not too big where I am lost and not recognized on an individual level, but not too small where I don't feel enough diversity. The academics are fair where they are not too easy where I do not feel challenged, but not too difficult where I feel like giving up on college. There are students of all kinds at Pace so there is a huge variety of experiences to exchange. Professors care about their students and aren't just pompous intellectuals with degrees, but people active in their field and that have made contributions to society. Overall, Pace is the perfect school for someone who wants to have access to the world, an immense range of interests and opportunities, and feel that they are truly a part of a school and not just a number in a statistic.


The location was ideal because it was so close to NYC. I also heard great things about the school as a whole and the success of the graduates.


I chose Pace because it offered me everything I was looking for; it was right next to New York City (which would be perfect for internships/future jobs), I could play soccer on the women's varsity team, I would receive an extensive education in the Communications/Journalism field, and it was far enough away from my home where I felt independent, but not far enough that I would need a plane to get home.


The location really drew me in. I'm close to home which is Rockland County a 30min drive from the campus, but I'm far enough to get the college experience.


Pace offered me a lot of financial aid, I was accepted to NYU but I believed that the money Pace was offering me was too good to pass up. I also chose Pace because of its location. I new that being situated in downtown Manhattan I would be exposed to various career opportunities.


I chose Pace for a wide variety of reasons. One being that it is located in a great area of NYC. Another is that I was very impressed with the students on the visitation weekend that is offered to prospective students. Their enthusiasm for Pace made me excited to attend Pace and my decision was finalized. I also received a generous financial aid package so that aided in my decision making process.


I was instantly comfortable at Pace and it reminded me a lot of my home town because of the wild life on campus. It was an hour away so far enough to get away from everything and close enough that in the event of an emergency my family wasn't too far away. I liked that all of the people I met were nice and easy to talk to. I also appreciated the prestige of the school and how it would look on a job resume.


I picked Pace because they're wonderful with financial aid and the feel of the school was very positive. Honestly, I couldn't have picked a better fit. It's not that big (around 3,000 students) which means it's a tight knit community of people who care about each other but not so small that you can't meet new people. The campus is pretty and the classes sounded interesting. When I came for Accepted Students Day, the panel of students that spoke said great things and the mock class I sat in on was very interesting.


I chose Pace because they offered me the most financial support in a private institution. I also loved the location.