Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Amazing music, business and nursing program.


Pacific Lutheran University is a small community not just a school, people walk around the campus smiling and talking to one another and holding the door open for one another.


A school were you can do so many amazing activites and learn enough to graduate on time.


PLU, with its warm, caring, inclusive atmosphere, is an excellent school for students interested in involvement, service, one on one attention from instructors, and thought-provoking, meaningful studies.


Great place to go to school if you like a small community, small classes & great teachers.


Learn as much as you can, be who you want to be, party at your own pacefree your mind Neo, make TONS of friends easily, small community is my community, small classrooms, awesome professors, beautiful on campus but cross the street and get a different kind of learning experience (a good thing in my opinion), get used to the rain, drive to the snow, drive to the sound, fun kids everywhere, acceptance of ideas and beliefs, be as involved as you want to be... but DAMN its expensive :) 100 word descriptive sentence with no commas isn't gonna happen...


PLU is a school that will introduce you to an expansive education, friends you will know for the rest of your life, an adventure that you can tell you children about in the years to come, and most importantly--yourself.


A university that is acedemically challenging, accepts diversity, and genuinely wants its students to succeed.


A liberal arts school geared towards academic excellence.


Pacific Lutheran University is a liberal arts college with a caring in environment that you can dicover yourself at.


Pacific Lutheran University is a liberal arts college, having a unique history.


Inviting, challenging, life-changing and inspirational describe the friendly atmosphere of PLU?s proud Lutheran heritage and liberal arts curriculum.


My school is extremely welcoming to everyone that steps onto campus and there is a numerous amount of opportunities available depending on one's interests.


Pacific Lutheran University is the perfect school for me.


PLU is a relaxed yet academically-challenging school which has access to great resources to help its students be well-rounded and also prepared to be successful in their career paths.


PLU is small, socially awkward, and full of randomly talented people looking for a way to jump into life.


It is a school that is advancing and growing in enviornmentally responsible ways and it holds true to shaping individuals who will go out and make a difference in the world around them.


PLU is very friendly and welcoming, and it offers a wide array of academic possibilities.


PLU is a beautiful, inviting place to be that is also academically challenging and mentally stimulating.


It is a very nice school. However, the area around school is the GHETTO! It's pretty bad as far as that goes. Campus Safety can be unhelpful in that respect. The campus itself is nice, you just have to be careful. I like my classes, my advisor is awesome! They actually let me do that major I wanted to do, and they worked around my needs, which is rare for a school. But, there's not enough to do around here, and you can't really walk around anywhere.


PLU is an upbeat school that deals with people from all walks of life; those young and graduated early and those returning for a higher education: PLU requests one question to be answered by the time it's students graduate: What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?