Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The student body is very elitist, causing many cliques.


Through the various classes I'v had I would say that my classmates are accepting and helpful.




My classmates at Pacific Lutheran University are like members of the family.


Friendly Intelligent Passionate


My classmates are active learner who strive for excellence.


My classmates are fun and interesting, while retaining a strong sense of focus and academic integrity.


My classmates are eager to engage in long conversations of current and past political issues of the world and tend to shy away from offending their classmates.


My classmates are a diverse group of accepting students dedicated to academic excellence.


Diverse, interesting and willing to learn; some can be stuck-up but they are few and far between.


Artisy Liberal coffee drinking avid readers; Athletically inclined masculine males without phonics skills; OR normal interesting students intent on getting a good degree.


Determined to get good grades in class


My classmates are very smart, friendly, responsible, and love to help other students out in their studies, or simply hang out and make new friends.


My classmates are hardworkers who enjoy what they do most of the time. They are fun and energetic most of the time. They and the professors help make college fun for me.


Curious, adventurous, daring, accepting, open, responsible, self-aware.


My classmates range in ages and backgrounds and all have different interests and perspectives, but I always make a few good friends in each class.


My classmates, the ones I spend time with, are dedicated, easy going, friendly, approachable, fun and hard working.


Everyone at PLU is friendly. They are almost always understanding of one another's needs and points of view. We also travel a lot here! I've liked almost everyone I've met here. Some people party, but it's always fun. Campus is dry (that doesn't stop people from drinking here), but off-campus has all the parties. People here are also environmentally concious and usually liberal. It is the Pacific Northwest, after all.


My classmates are eager to learn and to become part of the community, being a junior at PLU, I've a class with eighty students and a class with nine, in both classes study groups were formed for exams and concern for the wellfare of the other students in the class was given; the students at PLU create a close-knit community that looks out for each other and tries to include everyone.


To describe people at PLU you do not need a sentence you need only one word: friendly.


My classmates are friendly and respectful and always willing to form study groups, share notes, and help their peers understand a topic.