Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their school of nursing program. The nursing program is very vigorous and requires a lot of dedication and self motivation as well as focus. It also assures that students that make it into the school of nursing a job coming out of school.


PLU is best known for its Rose Room Window, Opera singers, and Ultimate Frisbee.


nursing business envionmental studies


Pacific Lutheran University is best known for excellent Liberal Arts education. Our Study Abroad program during our January term is a huge draw for many students. PLU is a small private college, with approximately 3500 students, located just outside of Tacoma. Our Business School, Communications and Nursing programs are the finest in the Northwest. Our school radio station KPLU is a jazz and news NPR member station, that is completely self-sustained. I am most proud of being part of our Football team, playing as a Wide receiver for the Lutes.


The programs(art,nursing, and student run broadcasting/radio and c)ommunications.)


Business, Music , Art, Nursing, Theater, Math degrees. Business program has been #1 in the nation at times . . . right now it is number 2 in the nation.


Pacific Lutheran Univeristy is best known for its academics. Many students who come to this school find jobs after graduation as well as other learning opportunities. Pacific Lutheran is also known for the friendly environment produced by the staff, students, and faculty around campus.


I'm not completely sure, but I do know that PLU is known for it's Study Away programs.


PLU is best known for it's diverse campus, and learning experience. Most people who just glance over PLU would assume it is a conservative Christian college purely because of it's name Lutheran. However PLU is very committed to it's diverse nature and accepts everyone who is willing to work hard. Also PLU is known for it's pioneering in the field of conservation and general "grren" attitude.


Pacific Lutheran University is best known for the music and nursing program. PLU is also very well known for the community outreach programs.


My school is best known for its expensive tuition, religious background and academic excellence.


Career wise, PLU is very well known for nursing. Also, I think that the school is very well known for not having a typical college campus. When you look at the apperance of the school it does not look like your typical college campus, but instead it does have a very cozy and homey atmosphere to it.


PLU is known to be academically rigorous with world class professors who often become lifelong friends and mentors. The campus is small and beautiful year round. There is a 15:1 student to teacher ratio and an emphasis on hands on learning geared toward integrating classroom learning with actual industry leaders who take a strong interest in PLU graduates; around 70% of PLU grads find a job within one year of graduation.


Its enviromental awarness and small classrooms.


Environmentally friendly, liberal views, liberal arts, study abroad program, cultural diversity, small class sizes


We are best known for a thorough liberal arts education balanced with practical degrees. Our perfect size, community and support also gets our name out there.