Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

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PLU's music department most definitely sets it apart from other schools I considered. There is a high level of professionalism from both students and professors. If you like to sing, play and instrument, or just jam out, there is something for everyone who loves music. PLU concerts are a magical experience.


The music program is excellent, as is the performance hall - I did not see a more beautiful one on any other college tours! PLU provides students with easy access to professors, since the class sizes are so small. PLU also offers unique courses, such as Scandinavian Music History. It has a language study-themed residence hall, as well as portions of other halls dedicated to students interested in social justice and the arts.


PLU has less people and the classes are smaller than classes at other schools. Also, insead ofbeing a number, you are your own person, which is different than schools with high class numbers.


Pacific Lutheran University is a small school. The unique quality this university possesses is the smaller classroom sizes and student body. Instead of meeting with a teacher's assistant, proffessors are available and willing to help any student who has a question. Pacific Lutheran University is also a very personable school by allowing proffessors the chance to know each student by name and also maybe giving proffessors a chance to get to know students personalities as well. By having less students in a class, students are able to get to know classmates and learn in a more affective way.


Everyone is very friendly and helpful to all. Both faculty and students will go out of their way to help you. PLU offers good financial aid to most students making college much more affordable for all. Also PLU is within short driving distance of Seattle and other major cities. City life and country adventures are both a valid option for any student to participate in on the weekend while attending PLU.


It is a private Lutheran school, as opposed to non-religious schools.


More focus is placed on what you're going to do with you life in terms of making it meaningful rather than strictly preparing you to enter the work force.


My school's class sizes are uniquely small. It also focuses much of its programming on sustainability and helping its students learn more about recycling.


I considered some much larger schools, and PLU is such a tight-knit community compared to them. I actually feel like a person instead of a number!


PLU has esquisite education and music programs. Although the programs aren't as big as the programs of very large schools, for PLU's size, the programs are very good.


I think the small area that it is in. also i think that the people and location that they presented seemed more appealling.