Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about school I brag about how beautiful the campus is, and the study abroad opportunities provided by the school. By being on a semester system we are able to study around the world for the entire month of January to gain credit and experience that relate to our study choice.


I brag about how environmentally friendly PLU is. We have campus compost bins! I also brag about how the classes are small and the professors truly care about your success. You are not a number a PLU you are a member of an elite community.


The overwhelming sense of community.


I love the sense of community; this school is environmentally friend; classes are challenging but always great


My school is very personal and the teachers are easy to talk with. You can just visit your teachers whenever you need to and they will welcome ou right in their office.


Being from Minnesota, I often brag to my friends about the mild climate in Washington. I also state that my school is in the perfect location for outdoor lovers and city lovers. On the weekends I can go shopping in Seattle or cycling on Mt. Rainier, whichever I feel like doing. I also brag about how flexible my school is in scheduling classes and how good the professors are. My academic advisor will always try her hardest to get me into any class I want. My proffers are professional and well experienced in their respective fields.


PLU is so welcome and inviting! Everyone has made me feel so at home there. Even when I called the health office to ask about sending immunization records, the woman on the other line was so enthusiastic talking to me; ?Oh, welcome to PLU! What are you planning to major in? Oh well I?m so excited for you!? Her enthusiasm literally warmed my heart. PLU?s campus is also gorgeous and is in a fantastic location; the main street right off campus has tons of cute cafes and eateries to hang out at when I want to go out.


The best element of Pacific Lutheran University is the international and diverse culture. Not only are there many study abroad opportunities but PLU strives to welcome students from all over the globe. They are also one of the few Universities that offer study abroad programs in all seven continents. PLU is commited to educating their students about other cultures and encourages Lutes to broaden their horizons and education. It is a wonderful learning environment and a privilege to be apart of this community.


The small class sizes, amazing arts facilities and programs, the positive atmosphere, and our nationally and globally acclaimed study away programs and international focus.


I like to brag about all the friends and the nice professors I have met. Everyone here is really friendly and are academically serious. But they also know how to have fun. Pacific Lutheran University has great balance.


I like the small classes.


PLU is a great place for pre-health majors. We have a very high percentage of students who apply and are accepted to graduate programs in the health sciences. Also, this is a great place to go if you would like to study abroad. Most of my friends have been out of the country with at least one school program. These experiences have really influenced my friends' worldview. I also really appreciate how the school focuses on more than just finding the right major; it emphasizes selecting a vocation which will ultimately give you the most satisfaction in life.


It's a very academically rigerous university.


Whenever I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about the small class sizes. The class sizes, as you get into the upper division courses, are very small. In my experiences at the school, I have only had two classes that had more than thirty people in them. This is very nice because it allows students to develop a better relationship with the professors; therefore, students, especially in my own case, feel more comfortable asking questions and asking for extra help on certain topics in class.


The people. I love working with the professors, and my fellow students make this place wonderful. They are supportive, encouraging, fun.


Financial aid/tuition Pre-med success rate Study abroad programs


PLU carries a certain level of prestige in the Washington (if nor Pacific Northwest) region. Though not an Ivy league school PLU offers a valuable competitive education in so many fields of study that it stands tall never-the-less. I tell me friends that PLu offers the college level experience that I was always hoping for in high school. PLU is not about frat parties, bing-drinking and late night mixers (theough they certainly occur in any setting). It offers the diversified education that is cohesive with my career and personal choices.


The small class sizes, the research opportunities, and the beautiful campus and location.


It is really easy to get involved and there is a lot going on. The people here really are a community and are always looking for ways to make life better for everyone, both on and off campus. I am constantly learning and I feel that I can make a difference by being here.


Our sense of community here at PLU is amazing! Almost everybody knows or has heard of everyone else! It's great!