Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is how much money it costs to attend. Scholarships are required for most students to even consider attending PLU.


Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is expensive. They gave me a "bate and switch" with their financial aid. After I turned down a Presidential Scholarship at my #2 school, PLU took away $5,000 in scholarships They have since taken away close to $10,000 in scholarships, all while increasing tuition at double the national average. I don't want to graduate with too much debt, and the financial aid office can't gie me any more money. PLU is unaffordable.


Cost. Especially during the current student debt crisis, as inflation in many private universities' tuition continues to skyrocket, we must consider how much we value education over money. I'm sorry to say that PLU is no exception.


The worst thing about my school is absolutely nothing! I love the campus, the professors, and the diverse and accepting enviromnet. It sparks a sense of community and creative environment.


The worst thing about my university is the Conferences & Events department and the service it provides. This is because, as a student leader I often need to reserve halls/rooms on campus, and the only way to do so is through Conferences & Events. However, the department often approved my requests but then change its mind a week before the planned date. This created a serious problem for advertisement and generated a significant amount of confusion in people who were interested in attending my social events.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the tuition. I constantly here that “you should be happy you are the top 2% of the rest of the US because you are in college."This concept irritates me because though that fact may be true it creates separation within communities and within cultures because there are some people that cannot afford a college education compared to the students who have that money accessible to them because of their parents. I believe there can be opportunities provided through the school for students who cannot afford to attend.


Tuition costs. Ouch.


The communication between the school as a whole and students needs some work. I feel emergencies such as lock downs, various drills, etc could be communicated better to students. In the two years I have been at PLU, the communication has improved by sending out a mass text, email, and recorded call message to students when something is occuring on campus. I feel a balance needs to be found between telling students information and what not to tell students.


I would consider the worst thing about my school is that they are unsure about people who have graduated at a young age and have applied to go to a post-graduate learning facility such as their own university.


The classes are pretty difficult and a lot of work is required in all classes so it can get overwhelming.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of attendance. However when you walk through the doors at Pacific Lutheran University you know your money is well spent. The school has an uplifting environment and everyone is friendly and helpful. There are computers available in almost every building on campus and many helpful resources that cater to the students' needs. While I do wish tuition wasn't as high I am thankful for the opportunities this school presents to me.


The worst thing about my school is that the students schedules are so floppy and they have no structure to them. Also as well as some of the classes I have taken. They were very "you can do whatever" as a class.


The worst thing about my school would be the community right outside of my school. It is very dangerous in the city of Parkland and makes most students not want to leave their residence halls at night, unless accompanied by Campus Safety. There was actually a shooting about a mile from my school a couple of months ago. A man shot and killed four police officers which shook up the entire campus.


the worst thing about PLU would have to be the city that surrounds it. Even though parkland is not nearly as bad as some parts of the country of course, and PLU has it's own protective bubble surrounding it, Parkland is not the best place to be at night, because of gang violence and related issues.


There is nothing that is "worst" at PLU. One tough feature of PLU is that students need to decide there major early on otherwise it can be very difficult to finish on time because PLU requires many elective classes. It provides a well rounded education to all who attend, but it can also make graduating on time an obstacle if you do not get on track for your major fast enough.


The worst thing about this school is that it is so expensive. It costs $14,000 a semester, and it is very difficult to find the money for it. It is a very prestigous school with a great education, but the expense is so high that I worry that I won't be able to find a way to pay for it.


Well, the worst thing about school is basically the cost of tuition, room and board, and books. College today is getting more and more expensive, my parents and I are struggling on paying for tuition. Another thing is how to manage your time. Time management is very key because lots of students don;t manage their time which shows on their grades. Also, staying focus with your schoolwork is another worst thing. Lots of students stress alot on schoolwork and party way too much. Just maintain focus in school.


When it comes to Pacific Lutheran University there are not many negative aspects. One quality that could be improved is the high tuition. Because the cost of admission I, as well as many others, could not afford to live on campus. This is a disadvantage because we miss out on opportunities to experience college campus life, as well as, opportunities to meet other students. PLU has a beautiful campus and it would be an wonderful opportunity to gain this experience.


Academic Advising is practially non existent. Students usually create their own 4 year schedules and do not get help with University requirements only major requirements or vice versa depending on whether their advisor is a departmental faculty member or a university staff member. Mistakes in registration and class schedules are common.


The cost and that they don't have a law school.


PLU's campus is very safe, however, the area surrounding PLU isn't the best. Parkland is an unsafe area to be in at night or in the latter part of the day. There is a lot of police activity and it can be a bit unsettling at times. But, campus safety is always there to protect students and monitor activity on campus at all hours of the day and night.


Certain teachers and faculty are difficult to learn from or deal with. I have had so many problems with certain faculty teaching one way and testing another that it's impossible to get a good grade in class except if you learn everything from the materials. You pretty much don't have to go to class to do well. And it's a fiasco to get questions answered about registering for classes or what's avaliable. Or what's required for administration aspect of your schooling.


To me, the worst thing about this school is the focus on awareness instead of action. I have watched many organizations and clubs "raise awareness" for certain social injustices and things, but I feel like I rarely see anything done to address those issues head on. We are in an area that could really use a campus that would focus all that awareness raising towards actually helping those in need.


Since my school is in a suburban area with increasing crime, there are sometimes attacks and robberies on and off campus. Campus safety does a good job of resolving situations, but with more and more crime each year, it can sometimes be scary for students who walk to class or off campus alone.


There are not really any things that are perticularly terrible, but the meal plans are tad bit expensive. And the athletic fields could use some updating.


The worst thing about PLU is where it's located. The campus itself is beautiful, lively, and safe. The area around it is not. Parkland can be a frightening city, especially at night. The biggest thing to remember is not to walk around the streets alone and never at night. PLU campus safety does a terrific job of patrolling the area on and jut off campus, but they can't be everywhere. As long as you stay on campus, you'll have nothing to worry about, just be careful and make smart decisions when you leave campus.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding area. It is in the middle of a lower income neighborhood, and there isn't much to do with out driving. However, the low income housing makes off campus living very affordable.


I think the worst thing about our school is some of the building conditions. The school is over one hundred years old, and so this is somewhat expected. Although the buildings are very beautiful from the outside, a few of them are somewhat beat up on the inside. The school, though, remodels one of the residence halls each summer and does its best to try to improve the conditions of the buildings that are a bit run down.


The lack of school spirit and pride amongst most of the current students. Our sports teams are not the most talented but they have heart, and most students seem to not feel they should still support them. It would be nice to see more people at games. Also, this includes having more pride in their residence halls.


Location Student body population (dull, boring, uninspiring) Limited classes Academic content Campus housing / food


I get mad at myself most for choosing a school that has no engineering program. The only program it offers is one that demands an extra year of school and sends you to a school that costs substantially more, so if engineering is your career goal I would not reccommend Pacific Lutheran.


My school is very small which means any drama that occurs amongst its students is spread quickly around to most other students.


I love my school. I wish it was not so expensive. My school provides a lot of financial aid, but it's still expensive, and it's still hard to watch my parents groan every time the bill comes. They give us an estimate of financial aid that seems okay, but when the final cost comes through, the financial aid drops some. It's frustrating.