Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) has a welcoming and inclusive environment. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity/sexual orientation, and life experiences are welcomed to join the community. Students who embrace diversity and enjoy leadership are best people to attend PLU.


In my opinion I Think a responsible and a student that is dedicated to his/her education because schooling is very important. I would beleive that somebody that attends a university would be responsible enough to value what that have achieved to get into Pacific Lutheran University.


Pacific Lutheran fits many in the college world. The classes are smaller and the community is close knit. Students on campus know each other and see each other around often. Its a great environment to learn in and provides students with oppurtunities to interact with others outside the classroom. The school is very environmentally aware and encourages students to be so as well. I would recommend this school to everyone, no exceptions.


The best programs at PLU are nursing and education. The Communications program is really good too if you get in to Media Lab which is a little difficult. I have heard the music program is good too. Anyone who likes the smaller class sizes will love it, the balance of athletics and school is really good too. Basically a liberal arts person would benefit from PLU. Parkland is an awful town but PLU does a good job at being self-sustaining.


Students who go to Pacific Lutheran University are open to new perspectives and aware of the world they are living in. One of the main ideas this school enforces is the global community. It is our responsibility to be a respected member and overcome the differences. Future students of this school should be serious about their education because they cannot afford a lot of mistakes. Mistakes can be expensive.


Someone who is drivin, friendly, open and loves to learn


Someone who is globally focussed and wants to experience a small school atmosphere should attend this school. There is a diverse group of opinions that will challenge you to consider everything from your stance on the environment to your religious views. Don't come here if you do not want to be confronted with critically thinking about your own beliefs.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who enjoys a close knit community, learning in small classrooms, and accepting of all religions and cultures.


A person who is aiming to major in the arts, nursing, and computer/business. They should also care about their degree because of the hardwork that this school involves. While the student would be working hard, they should also be able to find fun.


This university has a nice feeling to it. The campus is in a great setting. There are a lot of activities that you would be able to get involved in and with if you choose to. Some clases aren't all that big and huge in numbers. In the spring and summer and fall seasons the campus is beautiful. There is chapel time every day that you are able to go to if you choose to.


Someone who wants a close-knit friendly atmosphere with professors who want to get to know you and are interested in seeing you succeed in the classroom and outside of it as well.


A person who wants a solid liberal arts foundation that allows them great access to the professional world, and graduate schools in most fields. Someone who welcomes both personal and academic challenges that broaden her persepctive and sharpen her skills. Someone who wants to engage professors and classmates inside and outside the classroom.


Someone who is looking for a small school, doesn't care if the surrounding area is less than desiable to live in, isn't an art or communications student (which I am both), and is lively, spontaneous, and open minded, because this school needs that.


Someone who is open to meeting and interacting with a variety of people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual preferences. Diversity is the name of the game! In terms of how tough one's coursework is, it really depends on what major one is looking at.


A person who is interested in gaining new perspectives and who enjoys being in discussions. A person who will work well with others and be willing to ask for help when they need it or offer help to those in need.