Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you don't like rain and little sunshine I would say dont attend, but for the most part PLU has alittle something for everyone and it welcomes everyone no matter their differences.


The type of students that shoulnd't attend this school would be a student who is uncomfortable with being friendly. This campus is known for its openness within the students in the halls and within the classrooms.


Anyone who doesn't like rain, academics, or life should not attend this university.


People who want to receive a diverse and intriguing education should attend PLU. PLU is a campus that takes full advantage of being a private and somewhat small university. The professors are always available to assist you and want you to suceed. There are countless offices willing to help you with any needs, be they financial, academic or career oriented. PLU is a community where learning thrives. This doesn't mean that fun is neglected however, there are many events planned and many ways in which to have fun on campus and around.


Someone who wants to meet a huge range of people and just be known as a number on campus. Someone who wants to be able to slide by in classes and who does not care about helping the environment. Someone who wants their college sports to be televised.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't take their education seriously. If they are acedemically unmotivated and lazy when it comes to learning and school work, then this school is not the right school for them. No school is right for a person such as this, but because this school is so expensive it would be a bad idea to enroll here without taking it seriously. They will find themselves in a financial quagmire if they flunk out.


Someone who is unaccepting of other cultures, someone who doesn't want to experience diversity, or someone who isn't interested in the arts or creative thinking.


art major person


Someone who wants to party a lot and not work hard.


Narrow minded people, people who focus on athletics before academics, and people who dont do well in an intimate setting.


someone who is very tight on money


Someone who doesn't like a small campus.


You should not attend this University if you are not willing to work and study hard. If you can not stay focused on your studies then this would not really be the best place for you. Also, if you don't have a lot of personal monies, sholarships, financial aid, it would be hard to go to this university.


Students who are serious about doing well and advancing on to a good job.


A person who is extremely academically driven. The sciences at PLU are all excellent programs that emphasize research based learning. This school also has excellent pre-proffesional programs such as pre-med, pre-dental and pre-physical therapy. It is a small, tight knit school where you know a large porportion of the students and nearly all of the faculty in your academic program. It is a dry campus but with tons of fun activities and bars in the surrounding area. This is a school where you are likely to make friends and career contacts for life.


This school is very discussion based and strives for involvment and participants from its students. Someone who would rather sit in large lecture halls and not have to raise their hand every class would have a hard time enjoying that classes at PLU.


People who are close-minded or unfriendly.


People who are looking for a smaller school that really supports its students. Also, people who are looking for undergraduate research, internships or working directly with professors. It is a school for undergrads as most Juniors and Seniors have experiences that only graduate students receive at big universities.


Someone who wants the frat life because the only greek societies they have are academic.


I would recommend this school to just about anyone. The only thing that might cause me to dissuade someone from attending PLU is if they?re really insecure in their faith or if they cannot handle criticism for what they believe. The teachers can be pretty open and condemning to people who believe in God, especially if they?re Pentecostal, as I am.