Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Self, In the next year you will get lots of advice about following your passion, going to office hours, and trying new experiences. All of this is great advice, and you should take it to heart. However, I want to offer you a piece of advice that no one ever told me: learn the public transportation system. Gone are the days of Mom driving you to the store or cruising around town in your car. You will be stranded in a strange city with no way to get around and no one to ask for help. The first six months of college are hard because you don't know anyone yet. The stress that first year caused by struggling to get home or even to a nearby store took a few years off my life. Before the insanity of college hits, I suggest you learn how to navigate the bus and streetcar around college. Trust me, being able to make it to the ATM seems like a small affair until you have only your own two legs to get there. Good Luck, Me P.S. Don’t try the dining hall’s pot roast. It isn’t worth it.


Although my end result in education is completely different than what I had imagined as a Senior in high school, there is not much that I would change. However, all the education I received here at PLU has only led me to develop more unanswered questions. How did the crisis develop? Why hasn't Universal Health Care in many European countries become a breakthrough as they had expected? What are the arguments for and against economic inequality and does it make sense economically to simply tax the rich? These are very political, yet economic questions that I still haven't found answers to. If I could change my history, I would make studying political economics a requirement, or possibly even change my major from Political Science to a BA in Economics with a focus in politics.


If I were to go back in time when I was a high school senior I would have told myself to find a away to save every cent you have ever come across, even if it means that you might be living meal to meal. Also, to enjoy what a weekend free or a full nights rest was. On that note I would throw in to never loose that childish curiosity or put family aside for a letter grade.


I have a few pieces of advice. First, be open-minded about the university, the program, and the possible majors. For example, I intended to be a biochemistry undergrad student. However, I realized that I had the passion for Political Science as my major. Secondly, do NOT even thinking about rushing through college. Realize the fact that going through college with maximal life experiences is the key. Right after high school, I followed my "plan" to rush through the first and second year of college, in order to save some time and money. However, the quality was lowered as a result; eventually I still had to spend 4 years to complete college.


I would tell myself that there are many distractions when transitioning to college life and you can't lose focus of why you are there. There are going to be time when you don't want to study or some outside forces are going to make it difficult, but you need to push through and create a better surrounding for yourself. Also don't worry about hurting your friends by not wanting to go out with them because an education is why you are all there, so they will understand. Most of all remeber who are and where you came from don't let people influence you stay true to yourself.


Believe in yourself, although these words seem so cliché there is such a power that confines within. As a senior year in highschool I became scared reality was coming ,this was the real thing it was not a test that you could retake one mistake meant a change in the course of life followed by effects both good and bad associated with any given decision. As I began to transition into college I was surrounded by people that were ridiculously talented and smart enrolled as full time students while tackling three jobs. I began to look at myself and them and wonder what the difference was.After conversing about this a friend he told me “I’m floating just like anyone else. It’s all hard work and lots and lots of prayer.” Then I realized the only thing that was separating us was his faith. While I was filled with self doubt and pity; He was filled with confidence and belief that expanded beyond his dreams; it was engraved inside of him. Believe in yourself Teryn is what I would have told the highschool me because if you don’t see yourself there no one else will.


I would tell myself, “Katie, you need to do what you love. Society will put really weird pressures on you to make you think you have to do certain things in a direct order to make you happy and successful. Graduate high school. Go to college. Graduate from college. Go to med school. Graduate from med school. Get a job. Get married. Have children. Life isn’t a stay within the lines kind of ordeal and you are not a stay within the lines kind of girl. Embrace that! Only you can make yourself happy and you need to listen to yourself. Everything you do you need to do with passion and purpose. College is great! Be ready to study. Surround yourself by people who share the same goals as you and who want you to be successful. Popularity isn’t everything. Don't think that the only way to be successful is to be a doctor, lawyer, or some other high salary job. You are amazing and unstoppable. The only thing that could ever stop you from being happy is yourself. Be confidant. Travel with your sister more. Eat your vegetables."


Dear Self, You are a senior and you have worked hard to get where you are, but the work is just beginning. The fall will be emotionally and mentally draining. Hang in there, you'll be just fine. Here's some advice, kid: Don't be in such a rush to get out of the house. The family dinners you complain about are the one thing you will want most when you are sick of the dining hall. You will get a new pair of running shoes in September. I would kindly suggest that you start using them the first day of school and hit up the gym. There are cute boys, if that's any incentive. It's inevitable that you are going to feel lonely at times. It passes, but you can fill the void with the good book, or a quick Skype to your best friend. You’re still a kid, growing up is a process; don't try to do it all in the first semester. Don't be afraid to let go of good high school memories. You had some good times, but the best is yet to come. Sing your heart out! Love,Me


Don't give up. Always remember you do belong!


Dannielle, you are in the process of discovering who you are and the plans you have for your future may not be the intended plans for you. It is okay to change your mind and not have a plan while you discover your own pathway. As hard as it is, you do not need to be in control and working towards a whole all the time, it is okay to live in the moment and be young. Nursing may be the plan talked about for four years, but it is not you, working with people, especially children, and working to protect them, that is who you are inside. Finding your true pathway in college is not the only struggle, you are used to people coming into your life and leaving and because of that you have built walls to keep people out. Let people break down those walls because the ones who do will be the people you share your laughs and memories with throughout these years. They are your support system, your second family. It is okay to let people in, because you learn quickly who you want in your life and who is best left as an aquantance.


If I could go back in time and give myself advise about college, I would make sure that I applied for, and mailed in any scholarship opportunity that came my way. Thinking about having to pay off college loans for the rest of my life, gives me grey hairs. I want my hair color as long as possible! Also, I would tell myself to take as many Advanced Placement classes as possible, in order to impress any college that cared to peek at my transcript,. Then I would avoid receiving the dreaded letter stating, “We’re sorry to say, but we feel our institution wouldn’t be the best fit for you”. You tend to hold a little grudge on those schools the rest of your life, and make excuses to your friends like “I didn’t want to go there anyway”. You just sound dumb saying, that… take AP classes! With these two key pieces of advice, I feel like I would be a better educated young man, and I would be happy knowing that I didn’t participate in the “senoiritis” epidemic my final year in high school. Now if I could just invent a time machine!


If I could talk to myself when I was in high school, I would remind myself to stick to what I'm passionate about and not let other people, financial situation, etc. change where I wanted to go to college or what I wanted to do with my life. I noticed so many of my peers putting aside the school they wanted to attend because of what their parents wanted for them, and at times I wanted to do the same. In the end, I did go where my vocation and heart led me, and I'm glad I did. I'd also assuage my nerves about living in the dorms with a roommate and that it would be easier to adjust to college life than I thought.


I would say take advice from your peers and family but I need to decide what to do on my own. Do not be afraid to fail because not trying is not any better. Also do not procrastinate not even once, because than it becomes something that you cannot handle. Also do not stress; ways to not stress included applying for college earlier than later. The most important thing you can do is use your voice yes you are a bit shy but it feels so good to ask for help and to know what you are doing. The rest you cannot really prepare for and all the new students are lost to so all you can do is be a student, a good student.




Senior year is not the year to slack off, Marie. Everyone is out and going to parties? So what? 'Senioritis' might be hitting you, but don't let that slow you down. It may seem like a cake walk, but college comes right after and don't you dare treat it the same way you're about to treat this last year of high school. Make good, lasting habits now rather than struggle through college. Learn to say no to the plethora of invites to go hang out, and learn to actually study well. You have the potential be great and make your family proud. Just know that, when you get that letter from your dream school, and if your best wasn't enough, don't panic. You can go to community college, but don't take it lightly! Work hard and strive to for that dream school of yours. There is nothing wrong with transferring. Whether you were accepted from the get go or not, just believe in yourself. I can't emphasize it enough, though, but keep working!


I would give myself the advice of change. I would tell myself to actually get out there and experience as much as I can that the school has to offer. With all of the opportunities that the school offers, I'd actually be missing more than I would gain if i didn't participate.


I would tell myself "Calm down! Don't stress out so much about choosing a school. When you find the right one, you'll know. Also, don't forget to have some fun! Yes, it is important to do all of your homework and study, but you need to relax too, or you'll be too stressed. (Even though you'll get a 4.0 your first semester :) ) Get involved on campus. If you sit in your room too much, you'll get lonely and miss out on all kinds of school activities. However, if you don't feel comfortable in a situation, you don't have to force yourself through it. Remember, you don't have to declare a major right away and you can change classes at the beginning of the semester if the schedule you carefully planned out does not work at all! Remember to keep loving and respecting yourself. Don't doubt your abilities or your right to be at the college. You worked hard to get there, and deserve it as much as everyone else.


Go to college! The atmophere is so much different. Teachers are more understanding and the other students are excepting. Having your daughter shouldnt stop you from going to college. In fact going to college is easier then you think. There are many oraganizations out there will help with the expences with plenty of time to pay back the loads once you graduate.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would suggest that I take as many difficult level classes as possible. That would have allowed me to become better prepared for the work load that is required to excel at my university. Challenging me more would have enabled myself to grow as a student and would have given me a better chance to succeed in my first semester of college. I would also suggest that I develop skills that help me plan school projects and assignments. By developing those skills in high school, I would have saved myself from leaving assignments I have been assigned this year until the last day. This would have helped me from becoming stressed this year, as well as producing work that was of a little less quality than I could have created. Overall, I would suggest that I build the skills that would have greatly helped me succeed in college.


Going back I would tell myself one thing: “Live your life, be brave.” High school, for me, was a time in my life where I thought I had to figure everything out. I thought that coming out of high school I was going to know who I was and what I wanted. However, when I left high school, I couldn’t have been more confused. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, and I had no clue “who I was”. The thing that I realized later on, is that figuring out who you are, doesn’t take four years. I was so concentrated in trying to just figure myself out, that I didn’t take the time to appreciate those four years that I will never get back. I’ve come to recognize myself as a unique, complex being; I am never going to fully figure myself out. If I just live in the moment, appreciate the life given to me, and love myself for who I am at any given time, I will be happy, and after telling myself all that I would then ask, “What’s better than being happy?”


Be open to new experiences. At first it can be hard to be away from home but it will get easier with each passing day. Get involved with school activities as soon as possible, its the best way to make new friends. Explore campus & the surrounding areas for things to do. College is a wonderful experience so take advantage of all your school has to offer & take time to get to know yourself better - there are so many choices to make, think about them & make wise ones.


Pacific Lutheran University has been an amazing experience. I have challenged myself in and out of the classroom to learn more academically and personally. I do not feel like a "number" at PLU. Here my teachers know me, and I see familiar faces everywhere I go. The campus is small enough that I get to know a lot of people, but also big enough where I meet new people every day. So far the academics have been great, and the campus resources are plentiful. The PLU community is welcoming, and has engrained the idea of "treating others as I want to be treated." Fellow students hold the doors for each other, professors are eager to meet with you after class, and the staff is very friendly. Pacific Lutheran is a wonderful university, and has given me the opportunities to explore the plethora of paths I could take and the guidance to choose the right one for me.


From my college experience, so far, I have learned dedication. I am majoring in Psychology and specializing in Education, and at times it is very stressful but I just remember how rewarding it will be once I graduate and get a job teaching. Dedication is what powers me to keep going through the stress and exams. It's been valuable to attend college to learn important life lessons and to get a higher education, but mostly because I have met some of my best friends through college. I think it is important to obtain a good education but also to have friends who will support your career choice 100%. I wouldn't trade my college experience for anything in the world.


From my college experience I have learned among many things, time management, how to work under pressure, how to change my learning curve to that of the person i am learning under, and how to work effeciently. While all this is important, i feel the most valuable lesson one can learn from college is how to get through it and how thoroughly it is done. What you learn from class is very important, but its how you learn it and apply it that makes the difference. You learn how to learn in college, and in sports terms, how to be "coachable". My college experience has been so valuable to me because i have reached heights that i never thought i would through this experience, and i intend to continue to do so with furthering my education.


Through college I have become an independant, self motivated, intelligant young woman. I have become more confident, which I believe is a very important aspect to being successful in life and to go far in the choosen profession. If I had not attended college, I don't think that I would have the confidence I currently have and I would not be moving up in life, if anything I would most likely be doing nothing. So college has greatly affected my life and I wouldn't be successful without it.


My college experience has provided me with many things, mainly a healthy dose of cultural diversity. I feel that such an experience widens one's perspective on life in general. In addition, I've had amazing opportunities to connect with many new people on both a social and academic level. The friends I've met all share this experience with me, creating a life long, almost brotherly bond. Such connections will undoubtedly be beneficial to me later in life. I also like to think of college as an investment. I invest my time and energy in exchange for a better future; A better life. College puts me in a great position for what many like to call "networking." Networking is important for any individual aspiring to achieve their goals. For example, in the future I may need someone who knows a lot about economics. Well, thanks to networking in college, I may have met that person already, perhaps in a class or at a social gathering. There are many possibilities, and that's the beauty of college. The open doors awaiting me in life are endless. Without the college experience, however, those opportunities could have swiftly passed me by.


I refuse to go back to working retail in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. I really enjoy being neck-deep in studying the sciences. Another gem I found in my college experience, is the diversity of people, the diversity of interests and why a particular subject interests the student so much. As far as individual personalities go, I have met some of the greatest people and some of the worst people I have ever encountered; some will help you with your work and studies, some will try to pull you down. In a sense it reflects the outside world, but when you first encounter differences in mindset of the people you come accross, you really get an appreciation in the diversity of all of the people you encounter.


I have gotten quite a bit out of my college experience so far. I have learned that I really do want the full college experience of a University. As some might say, my current college experience has been perfect. I have struggled with being happy with the college I am currently attending, but stuck through it because it was paid for. The classes I have taken so far have helped me to see that the major I was currently working towards is not for me. I have been discouraged in school, but have not given up. Even though my dreams are to attend a different university than the one I am at now, I am determined to make the best of my experiences of where I am at. I belive that yes, a college can be bad and not somewhere you want to be, but at the same time it is all what you make it and the experiences that you get from it. So my college experience so far has been different than what I expected, but I am still making the best of it. I plan to continue my eduction , and have a wonderful college experience.


I have learned that college is not always about just your studies but about who you are as an adult. It shows who you are to yourself and others. College has been valuable to me by helping me pursue in areas where I am curious and like to make a carrer for myself. It has also taught me that you make your own way in life and not others.


In my opinion, the education system in this country is as much a day care as it is a place to actively learn. The four years after h.s. graduation can be spent in a miriad of different ways. We learn a lot about life in this time and grow as people immensely. One common way to foster this growth for those fortunate enough for the opportunity to do so is to attend college. My college experience uncovered a larger spectrum of possible answers to lifes larger questions. It didn't leave me hanging there, it also helped shape my own ideas and form my own opinions in a process of helping me discover the depths of who I am and what I believe based on broad ideas, religious beliefs, and solid facts. These invaluable lessons were taught to me not only in the classroom but also in the dorms, at partys, in conversations with friends and strangers, playing sports, volunteering, at church, playing music, making mistakes and learning from it all. A good university can provide a spectrum of worldwide ideas and relivant issues that we all should consider and figure out for ourselves. Friends. Memories. Mistakes. Triumphs. Life.


Pacific Lutheran University is not just a school, it is a community. It has taught me the value of fair trade, local businesses, conservation, and exploration. Every day is an opportunity to give back and never stop learning. From holding a contest for the dorm that can save the most energy, to sending hundreds of students to different countries every year, PLU has taught me that life is not just in Tacoma, WA. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else and feeling this sense of family. The staff at this school not only inspire students to help others but do everything they can to help the students. The school provides every resource a student might need to succeed. At Pacific Lutheran University we are not just breeding teachers, winners, or helpers, we are breeding Lutes; and that is more significant than any degree a student could earn.


I have gotten a good learning experience out of college. The environment as well as the opportunities were endless. I do my best in school to ensure myself that i get the best out of college.


Although I know that I am attending college to earn a degree, I have learned many valuable life lessons as well as academic knowledge. I have enjoyed gaining a sense of independence as I transition into adulthood. College life offers a great way to learn about goal setting and time management. I am working 20-30 hours a week as a security officer on campus and that has been a challenge while keeping up a full schedule of classes. I have made many friends that support me in my academic endeavors and will probably be lifetime friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend college and earn a bachelors degree because I know that in today's world, an education and degree is very important in obtaining a job that will provide for my future family. I have enjoyed learning from a diverse group of students and faculty on my campus. I have very much enjoyed my 2 1/2 years at PLU and look forward to graduating in May 2011.


In the process of gaining knowledge, CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) was a requirement to becoming a certified EMT-B. Learning CPR enabled me to say a youth's life. When the young man fell to the floor unconscious, my co-workers, came to get me. People were trying to give him water, an inhaler, insulin... all sorts of damaging substances if a person is unconscious. He was not breathing, and had no carotid pulse. I brought him back and kept him alive until the paramedics arrived. Had I not talked those classes, he may well have died. Education is invaluable... Ultimately, I hope to become a naturopathic physician and work with low-income and/or mentally disabled families to provide medically sound holistic health therapy. My back ground as a certified EMT-B, Wilderness Advanced First Aid, and plethora of personal physical ailments and recoveries has helped to open a bright new world for me. Thank you!


If I could go back in time and talk to my self about college life; I would say do not procrastinate and get involved with clubs. This is important because the more someone gets involved, the more college experiences and resources they'll have. As well being involved brings new poeple and new friends to enjoy. Friends are also handy as study partners and cram sessions. Aslo in high school my AP classes really paid off with study habbits and taking notes. Taking notes is something that college offers taht maditory in which ever class you take.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, my advice would proabably be to "stay focused" and "be knowledgeable." Moving on from high school and moving up to a university was definitely one of the most exciting, anxious, and nerve racking experiences of my life thus far. I would advice myself to stay focused because while it's great to be a social butterfly and want to hang out with friends, it's also great to do well academically. By staying focused on the task at hand and staying true to your goal, you will have a much better experience as well as have fun with friends. When I say "be knowledgeable," I mean know that high school is not like college. Make sure you know what requirements you need and how and when you will finish those requirements in time. University requirements and requirements for your major and minor can overlap in college and while you have advisors who can help you, you have to be knowlegeable about every option. Lastly, never miss class and don't stress out!


I would tell myself not to be worried because this is where you are supposed to be. I would say that you need to understand that it will get easier to be away from family the longer you are at school. You will make friends that will continue to be your friends throughout college and probably for the rest of your life. This new chapter in your life will be difficult and time consuming but you will be able to handle it. I would go on to say that there is a lot of reading in college and it is not as easy as you think it will be because you will have a social life and academic studies but everything will work out the way it is supposed to. God is always with you and will help you with whatever you will need.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships to be able to live on campus and to get involved. Even if you don't have much time just going to one or two meetings would be better than sitting at home doing nothing. And to spend less time on Facebook and more time reading for classes.


Everything is different then I could imagine at any point in my high school career. I would tell myself not to worry as much about AP classes and more about classes going into my field of study. Play more sports and continue onto them through college and participate less in the music activities I did, as later on they would not serve a large purpose in my college life. Instead focus on things more relative to business. But most importantly to enjoy myself. Don't stress so much, there will be plenty of time to stress in college. Enjoy high school more, do great in school, make friends; college will be just around the corner.


The first advice I would give myself is to accept and understand diversity, especially in terms of life style, political beliefs, and core beliefs. It is important to understand that not everyone was raised the same way. Although people who live and think differently may be annoying and sometimes even backwards, they're not bad people. Instead of directly confronting diversity and trying to make everyone conform, I would tell myself to just accept it and move on. The second piece of advice would be the open door policy, as in if you're in your room, always keep your door open unless you're sleeping or changing. This is helpful because it will introduce you to people in your hall and visitors just passing by. It is important to make aquaintances, especially during freshman year when everything is already hard enough, it is important to have friends to unwind with.


As a high school senior I was ready to be gone from my little home town of Yelm. I looked for colleges in many other states to try to escape from there. If my mother didn't work at PLU I would have missed the best fit for me, in my own backyard. My advice to myself would have been to never ignore a college for one reason, especially closeness to your hometown. You'd be surprised by how far away 40 min can really be if you want it to, but also how close it can be when necessary.


If i had the ability to go back in time and talk to myself, the most important thing that i would mention is to not be afraid. Don't let your fears run your life, because if you do that, then not only college, but the rest of your life will not be what you expect. I would make sure to mention important things like keeping an open mind to everyone and everything you come across at school. As well, i would make sure to mention that it's important to jump at any chance you get to better yourself, your education, and your community. Probably the most important thing i would tell myself would have to be let go, and really experience college, but at the same time, don't forget why your here, and what this chance you've been blessed with is going to do for your future. it's vital to be able understand that college is a time for you to learn, and find yourself, but also to keep in mind that the real world is NOTHING like college, and your hear to learn and educate yourself for the future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to study hard all the way through and not coast the last semester. Most of the freshman level classes at college are just above advanced high school classes senior year. By learning and applying myself to all of those classes senior year, freshman year in college will be much easier. It is difficult enough to adjust to living on my own at college let alone trying to understand all new material in my math and science classes. If nothing else, look at senior year as the stepping stone into college. The harder I try senior year, the smaller the gap will be entering college. Although the outcome of my senior year will have little affect my status entering college because I am already accepted, but it will determine how tough my work load will be first semester. Learning time management without my parents around to manage my schedule for me feels like a class in itself. Last but definitely not least, have a blast and soak up everything about high school and senior year because it only happens once.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is so much different than high school. I would tell myself that I couldn't just cram for tests anymore. I would say that I should study as soon as I got the material that was needed for the test. I would also tell myself that I couldn't be shy anymore. In order to get anywhere in college, you need to stand up for yourself and communicate with others. In high school I was very shy. I would just help myself come out of my shell. I would also tell myself not to be nervous. I would tell myself that as long as I just stick with being confident in myself and study, I will do just fine.


Back when I was a senior in high school, I thought I knew everything. I was stubborn, and ignorant, and simply just wanted to get out of the house. I grew up kind of under a rock so to speak, and coming to a school in Parkland Wa I really had no idea of what to expect. It turns out, that I should have expected the worst. There are campus shootings, and robberies- something that I could have never imagined growing up on Fox Island Wa. If I were to give myself advice, I would say that


The hardest transition from high school to college that I endured was the necessity of studying. I was the type of student who skated by in classes and never studied. My first semester in college I got a 2.9 GPA. I had never had anything below a 3.6 in high school and I was devasted. If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would have told myself to study for my classes even though I didn't need to. The routine, method and practicing of studying would have benefitted me significantly and prepared me for the academic rigor of college. I also would have told myself to be a little more concerned with doing what was right for me instead of trying to please others. I transferred my freshman year because of this reason and I don't regret the transfer but I always wondered what would have happened if I stayed.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would have a lot of advise to give. The first piece of advise would be to look for more financial aid. When I was a senior in high school, figuring out a way to pay for college was not a big priority. Now that I'm here, and I'm looking at my bank account balance and the $3000 that I still owe for next semester, I really wish I spent all that free time as a senior looking for more scholarships. And not just that, but I would tell myself to work more and spend less, to set aside my own college fund and save money for books and tuition. I realize now that the money I spent back then is nothing compared to the education i'm getting, and I wish I had every dollar I spent in high school so I could use it now. I would also have some advise to make the transition into college easier. Study the syllabus, keep track of all your homework and tests that are coming up, and don't overload yourself with too many classes. Live and learn.


Branch out. Those would be the two words I would tell myself as a high school senior. When you leave high school you really don't know what to expect. When you enter college its a whole new world, you dont know anyone. So if you branch out and don't hold back you have nothing to loose. Get involved as much as possible, dont be afraid to introduce yourself to random people, and never hold back. The other words of advice that I would give to my self is to stay on top of your school work, don't let yourself get behind in studying.


Growing up, I stayed in the same school district, keeping most of the same friends from elementary school through high school. I now realize only memories come with me to college, not those same friends. It is a new experience without the same friends and is satisfactory; however, I realize the only thing that matters to me is my education. While having friends is still important, putting friends over education is not beneficial to my future goals in life, but this is what I did. I had the opportunity to complete two years of college by participating in Running Start. However, because I wanted a social life, I chose not to enroll in Running Start. I would have missed out on fantastic memories in high school, but I would have made great memories through Running Start. I would have achieved an accelerated education, saving a great deal of time and money in the long run. Now I realize it would have been a greater benefit to complete two years of college. If I could converse with myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself the most beneficial choice to my future education is to participate in Running Start.


The advice I would give myself would vary in many ways. For example, I would've applied for more scholarships as the cost of tuition rises. Also, I would have made better selection of classes as some of the classes I've taken were really hard and challenging. Another example is the maintaining focus on my schoolwork. I've lately lost focused on my schoolwork and it shows on my grades. Another advice is never to be lazy and work hard. Laziness is a huge factor in college as professors pile on work in their classes. The advice I would have given myself would help so much as college would be so much easier as I am struggling with financial problems.