Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The only thing I wish I had known before attending this school was the lack of finacial support I have. I am not sure how many more month I can loose my electricity or only eat rice.


How awesome it is here.


I wish that I had known to apply for more scholarships in order to live on campus because I would've had a much better year in terms of getting involved.


I wish I had known all about the opportunities I have for scholarships and tuition payments. I didn't know about all the scholarship opportunities I had that were online. I've applied for so many because I really need tuition money as college gets more expensive. I just wish I worked harder in athletics to earn me a top scholarship so I could go to college for free. But nothing in life is fair so its better to know now then later.


the meal variety, the increase in tuition every year, the fines, the school pride


The area around PLU is kinda sketchy and jobs are sometimes difficult to find on-campus.


That sometimes in college you will not have as much time to participate in activities if you want to focus on your studies.


Start looking into study away programs right away so you can get the most out of your four years of college.


The school is very expensive. Financial aid is excellent but if you lose it for any reason, for example you parents increase their income, it is very hard to pay out of pocket. And living in the dorms is fun but costly, I would not recommend doing it for more than the first year.


I wish I had known for sure that I would go into engineering.


All the resources that were available to me!


I wish I would have known, besides tuition and room and board, how expensive college really is; it is a life style choice that puts a bind on not only my financial situation but also my parent's and it will also affect my brothers college choice, it can be an expensive and somewhat selfish lifestyle.


I wish I had known more about how long I would have been paying loans after I graduated. Ah!


I wish I would have known more about getting scholarships before I came to school here.


I wish I had known that I shouldn't have wasted my time in my dormitory room so much my first year and spent more time playing ultimate frisbee with my roommate and his friends.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in, Computer Science, before my junior and senior years, making it impossible to change majors, but I still love math, my major now. I also wish I had gotten more involved, because there are so many ways to do so here, but I was a bit shy at first.