Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I have felt at home since the first time I set foot on campus. Everyone at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is friendly. People go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. The faculty and staff truly care about the students. I can go to my professors with homework questions or real life issues, and I know they will help me as best they can. I feel valued and loved everytime I am at PLU.




Most of the teachers are helpful and supportive. Almost all class sizes are small so the teachers are more able to learn your name and help you during their office hours.


The favorite part of my school was the people. Naturally being a sociology major, people interest me anyway but there is a very close knit feel at PLU and people are very accepting and friendly and willing and open to talk about anything. I made countless lifelong friends and wouldn't trade my social experience at PLU for the world. Great school acedemically, better school socially. Loved it.


I think the best thing about my school is the variety. There is so much to do, so many classes to take, and so many friends to make. There's never a dull moment.


The best thing about my school is the study abroad program, PLU has programs to every continent and I feel that study abroad is an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures.


PLU has many amazing things to offer, but the main thing is that everyone has a place and is treated as an individual and not a number. I have truly been able to connect with professors and other students because of the small class sizes and direct contact between students and faculty. Professors know me by name and are friendly, which inspires me to push my limits and reach my goals.


The incredible learning atmosphere here. I love to go to class and soak up the knowledge. I love to go to clinicals and practice the skills I am learning in class. There is also a great community of other students. I have so many friends from classes and school clubs I attend.


The best thing about my school is the overall welcoming, friendly atmosphere. At my school every student knows their professors and has the chance to forster a relationship with them Furthermore, there is always help available whether it be from the professors themselves, fellow students, or from the free tutoring provided. Every student is offered adaquate opportunities and direction to succeed. PLU treats every student as just that, a student, not a number.


The faculty in general is very good and they teach many excellent classes.


it is small and inviting. the professors are all very nice and typically are willing to work with you.


The quality of education was great and left me prepared for med school.


Great tight-knit community. Class sizes and student teacher involvement offer an absolutely unique learning enviorment for anyone who his driven and focused. Psychology and Nursing programs are top-knotch, event hroughout the country. PLU offers its students and endless amoutn of resources to their success, including academic and financial advising, student campus involvment and an absurd amount of private funding. =)


The best thing about my university were the professors and the friendships made with the students. There is no shortage of quality, good people there.


I love how positive my school is. The teachers, faculty, and students are very personable and kind. They are very friendly and focused on actually helping their students succeed. They'll listen to your problems and try to help make everything and anything better. They expect the students to succeed and to graduate, and they provide as much help to do so as they can.


i like the proffessors and classes. I also enjoyed the variety of activities that were at PLU.