Pacific Union College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is no local bus service so it is important to have transportation or friends with transportation. The lack of transportation makes it difficult for highschoolers who attend school off the hill to participate in extra curricular activities; which means the parent is the taxi. Also, if you are a meat eater you should seriously consider how you feel about a vegetarian campus. There are markets and cafeterias but they all serve vegan/vegetarian meals. The meals are like gourmet, I love them and you really wont miss meat but you should at least be warned.


Cafeteria food isn't appealing


Being detained more now than I was in High School.


I am a village (non-dorming) student, so the most frustrating thing for me about PUC is the lack of communication between faculty/staff and dorm students. A lot of times, I don't find out about things until they're over and done with, or I arrive and find out they're cancelled. I wish the communication was better.


Ok, I understand that because of our religious affiliation we should not drink alcohol but to make a rule and enforce it so strongly in my opinion is a negative-renforcer of drinking. People go out of their way to go to parties and find people drunk that go to PUC and try to frame them! In my opinion that's not very non-christian. I should have the option of whether I want to drink or not, I'm 21! If my parents don't care that I drink why should the school?


It's always cold.