Pacific Union College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves quiet, nature, is friendly, and is ready to focus.


A person who enjoys small communities and the outdoors should attend this school.


Someone who is serious about school but still likes to have fun should attend this school. This school has a fantastic science department (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). All the professors are more than qualified to teach here. People who are christians are very welcome here, and have a very welcoming environment to develop a spritual life. Partying hard and getting drunk and stoned is a bit frowned apon and not really accepted here at this school. Drug use results in severe punishments.


It is mostly Seventh-Day Adventist Affiliated, but I know many people who are not SDA and attend PUC and love it. It depends if you are open to new things and not judgemental. Fun people are welcomed at PUC.


Anyone who likes to live with a small community that is geared into the academic frontstage.