Pacific Union College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Life is a roller coaster and it's never easy. The older we get, the more challenges we face. Partying, always hanging out with friends,slacking in school or being a procrastinator will give you NOTHING in life. I had the chance to be a kid,have no responsibilities now it's time to grow up.I will break the chain and get a degree unlike my family who struggled in life because they had no education. There will be obstacles that I'll face. My mom raised me to be a responsible person. Friends won't get a degree for me or buy me a house /car. I've had dreams since a kid to be able to give my parents money for bills because I wanted to give back. I'll only receive an education if I'm focused. If my friends are my TRUE friends then they'll understand that I can't hang out because I'm getting my schooling done.I have to keep positive people in my life. I wish I would have tried harder. I won't get far by being careless in life. If you want something in life then earn it.


Learn how to manage your time and avoid procrastination. You might not feel like you are smart enough to compete in an academic environment, but with preparation and hard work you can compete just as well as anyone and you should. Have confidence in yourself and be ready to take advantage of every learning opportunity you have - whether it is from your profressors or from the students and people you interact with on a daily basis. Also, don't neglect other aspects of your life like your health and recreation. Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit.


To begin, I would tell myself: "Believe in your abilities and don't underestimate what you are capable of". Go for what you desire, be true to your heart and don't let your life circumstances deter you from those big dreams becoming a reality. If you have the desire, with your determination, nothing can stop you. No one can keep you from doing what you love, except yourself. Be positive, think big, and always be passionate about the good you can do for others. You can change the world, you can bring sunshine to someone's darkness. Stay away from the negative people, the incredulous; have vision and faith. If you can dream it, it can happen! Don't look back! Don't forget to smell the roses along the way. :)


If I could speak to my high school self I would say "Erica, you are in such a rush to move from home and start life. What you don't realize is life is already happening and it starts with the decisions you make, the decisions you can make right now! Adulthood is not about running away from your problems, it is really about planning how you can run towards your goals. So you really want a family of your own and that is a beautiful desire. But, since you don't know what the future holds wouldn't it be better to get an education that will help you to provide for that family? What if your marriage did not last, I know it will but just say it didn't? Wouldn't you rather have finished all your education so that in the event of tragedy, any tragedy you can take care of your children and not spend time away from the people you love the most trying to scrape by and make ends meet? In the end Erica it is your decision but lifes changes can be a lot less traumatic and unperdictable with a degree".


I would recommend to myself that I take every possiblity and used it to its potential. I should have gone on more missions trips, taken more of the fun classes (things like art, sign language, random things...), played more. If possible, I would tell myself to have more fun. Because of the programs at my school, I am able to double major, be in the Honors program, and be pre-med. I would say that I should have spent more time with friends, read more books, and slept more in preparation for coming to college. Working over the summer last year reallly helped, so if I would have worked every summer, that would have been really beneficial. I wish that I had simply lived life to the fullest, because now that I'm in college, I don't really have time. ... Not to say that college isn't fun; that there aren't opportunites to live life here. But because of the structure of my current education, I should have relaxed a little more in high school.


One of the first things, I'd myself is to stop being a procrastinator. I'd advise myself to fight the urges to play instead of studying. The second thing, I'd tell myself is that I'm going to have a friend who labeled me less in her mind and stepped all over me. I'd tell myself, "You aren't less. You are more, so much more kind hearted and that's why you will suffer. When you two stop being friends, you're going to be stripped of identity. That loss will hurt and pain you in ways you'd never known exists. You're going to be so angry at yourself for all the qualities that you once loved about yourself: your kindess and acceptance of people as they are. However, you will be stronger and you'll remember that pain shouldn't stop you from loving the best of people. People will always step on you but remember that you shouldn't let pain dictate how you live your life. One thorn in a bushel of roses, shouldn't stop you from being who you truly are. You love, and that love should be shared. "


Although I have only been in college for a quarter and a third, I have learned a lot about myself. In the first quarter of colleged I learned what was needed from me to reach my goals while still finding ways to have fun. It was valuable to attend because I was able to double up in sciences and still have just enough time to participate in Biology Club, SIFE, and KASA. The most important thing was time management, and it wasn't something you just know it took me the entire first quarter to figure it out. But now that I know college is going much more smoothly.


What I have gotten from my college experience allows me to explore different field of science and arts. It gives me a wider sphere of influence. It has certainly helped me to be well rounded mentally, physically, spiritually and socially; even emotionally. Learning helps me to deal with life's struggles and perplexities with an intelligent approach. The value in attending college can be sums up in this phrase "Knowledge is power." Without knowledge and acquired skill I could be bound by circumstances; but having the knowledge liberates me. I believe in ever learning. If the saying is true that we use a small portion of our mind why not challenge that.


I am only beginning to see the permanent and unseen contours of my college experience. But on the surface, I found an intimate group of friends, earned two degrees, acquired a respectable transcript, nurtured a host of invaluable contacts and most importantly, found a fianc?e to grow old with. To be sure, my college experience was practical. This is what I ?got out of college.? As for the second question, the value of my college is mostly intangible. The real ?value? of any college experience is if and how it teaches you to live. Life on Earth is often characterized by uncertainty. My college experience equipped me to address this uncertainty with level-headed maturity and creativity. It continues to inform my actions, from calculated career choices to empathetic relationship advice. In short, my college experience is now the lens through which I view the world. And in my opinion, they are quality lens.


Don?t let the cynics steal your dreams! As you transition to the world of college you are being given the gift of possibilities. Don?t throw it away. You will just work hard, but take time to experience everything: in class study to learn, read to gain knowledge, make friends to share life, love honestly, eat like you want to live to ninety, run like you?re barefoot, kiss like it?s your last day on earth and worship with your whole soul. Life doesn?t start in four years it starts today. Become today your vision for tomorrow.


Remember that college is totally different, you need to study harder and push yourself but dont forget to have fun and enjoy college life for what it is, an experience. Keep old friends and yet be open for new ones, especially ones that will benefit you in the long run. Stay involved as much as you can but dont forget to set and put your goals first, always. Dont be afraid to take risks but be sure that you know the consequences that can follow and never settle for less than your best. Most importantly, Live, Love Laugh and Learn!


?How pleasant to meet you college Jason.??Think nothing of it high school Jason.??College Jason, what advice do you have for me regarding my upcoming years at Pacific Union College???Well high school Jason, my biggest piece of advice is to save us both some time and start out as a business major. Nursing is a great occupation but it is just not for us. We have always been great at reading people and business is a much mores suitable major for someone with our abilities. Besides, Anatomy is our only C+. If it weren?t for that class I could be graduating Magna Cum Lade.??Magna Cum Lade? What does that mean???It means you earned a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Now I am going to miss it by less than a tenth of a percent.??Ok college Jason, if you say so. Any other advice???Yes, one last thing. Spend more time with our big brother Ben. You? are going to miss him a lot once he graduates believe it or not. Take care high school Jason and remember, these will be the best four years of your life. Live them to the fullest.?


Hey there. I know you're pretty frustrated right now, but hear me out. Listen, college is a lot more work than high school. You'll have to put a lot into it, so don't wear yourself out over the first paper. Do your best on each assignment, then be done. Look at it matter-of-factly. Once you've done everything you can do, let it go. Don't worry about it; you're not going to change it. Be matter-of-fact about relationships, too. People are just like that. If you can't change it, don't stress over it. Be the best friend you know how to be, in every way. Once you've done that, let your friends choose how they will respond. Most importantly, set aside some time for you. This might be as simple as time between you and God, a favorite movie, or your tennis racquet. Be sure you don't overwork yourself! It's super counter-productive. Enjoy your time in college and the friends you make. The fun is what makes it all bearable.


Visit the campus before you make your decision to attend it because by visiting the campus, you can get a chance to feel how it will be like living there.


Find the college that best fits your ideal college experience. There are so many institutes out there to consider and yet, there is probably only one that will catch your attention. Find out what the school can offer you and what you can offer to the school so that both can benefit with each other's presence. The colleges that provide great and positive care and attitude towards their students are the ones that will greatly effect the prospective student in a positive manner. College can be fun and yet scary at the same time. Regardless of what happens, you should learn from it and carry that experience with you to help guide you to where you want to be. Remember, we should only learn from our mistakes so that we can mentally grow and mature. College will be unforgettable so choose wisely because it just might change your life, in a good way of course.


When deciding a college to attend or apply, please visit the college you are planning on going to. It also helps if you are going to a certain school with people you know to make the adjustment a bit easier. Be very supportive, parents, to your prospective students. Encourage them to work hard and make sure to stay in contact with them on a regular basis. Also encourage them to meet people and make friends.


Find students that have already attended, or currently attend, the college in question. They have the best insight on the quality of the college itself as well as how to make the best of the students college experience.


Think hard about the choice you are making and remember that it is an investment in your future.


Take your time. Don't rush into it because it is seriously the best time of your life. I would not give my college experience up for anything. Visit the campus first and if you can read review or talk to the students to see how they like the campus and what they don't like. Once you get into college, branch out and meet new people. It's like you have a clean slate again and try as much as you can, just be safe though! Travel abroad, take that fun class and go out with friends! Just don't forget why you are in college, your major! Study Study Study, otherwise you will have a very rude awakening. Don't be afraid to ask for help, you would be suprised to find others in the same place. In the end, it is the Golden Palace in the Himalayas and enjoy the Golden Palace while you can.


Pick a college that gives opportunities to see what's beyond this country, such as spending a year abroad while still getting college credit. Visit the colleges and speak with alumni. Be involved in Student Association functions. If you can get a job on-campus the summer prior to starting college, it will greatly help you feel like a part of the community before you even start.


Find a college that changes your life, academically, socially, and spiritually. After college all of that starts to dwindle.


Really, you'll find what you want no matter where you go. Choose your college based on the quality of the program, and if you work at your education, everything else will fall into place.


Make sure you are willing to work hard and are willing to sacrifice much sleep. To the parents I would say if your child needs financial aid, start early and apply to multiple banks for non federal/scholastic aid.


It?s easy to be swayed by rankings or distinguished faculty when choosing a college. And while these things are good indicators of a quality education, their absence does not necessarily exclude others from being a ?good fit? for you. I should know. I passed up UC Berkeley for a small liberal arts college 99% of people have never heard of. College is as much about career preparation as it is about personal growth. Your success in college, and eventually in the ?real world,? depends on how you choose to actively mold this experience. Some of the best lessons I?ve learned haven?t been at a desk but in teachers? offices, hearing about their lives and future hopes. They?ve been in dorms, dialoguing with students of different religious backgrounds. They?ve been at shelters, feeding and later visiting with people. The more you engage your surroundings, on-campus or in the community, the more you realize your desire to positively contribute to society. And ultimately, isn?t that what college should be about? Rankings are just numbers, and prestige can only carry you so far. YOU are what makes a college the ?right? college, wherever you end up.