Pacific Union College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is also a blessing. We are incredibly isolated. We have our own personal mountain; this prevents distraction, but also makes it difficult if and when a lot of people go home for the weekend. I love the fresh air and beautiful scenery, but there are no restauraunts within walking distance. There are within a 15 minute drive, but I don't have a car. It's worth it to me, because I can focus better, but it does become irritating when my close friends leave for the weekend, that I'm stuck here by myself.


Lack of diversity in curriculum


Too much money


Some of the teachers are very unexperienced in the field, or fresh out school, and just use lectures passed down from other teachers. Some of the teachers are also very uncaring for the students.


Being into parkour, a fairly new sport, which are sometimes seen as dangerous, I've had a bit of trouble with change and the sport being accepted, due to insurance reasons, but they're coming around.