Pacific Union College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Pacific Union College is the willingness of teachers to spend time with you till you understand the criteria. I have at least three of my professor's cell phone numbers which they provide the class in case we ever have a question on an assignment and they have already gone home for the day. The small class sizes create a more personal relationship between the teachers and students which helps a great deal.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is one small community. The professors and staff of this college genuinely cares for the students. The students and staff of this college eat and pray together. It is like one happy family. The colleges prepares its students to be successful and responsible adults.


The size and environment are the two best things about this school. The people are warm, welcoming and helpful. The professors are very availible and will help you almost anytime of the day or night. The location is also a big bonus. It is placed right in the middle of a forest, away from distractions. The scenery is stunning and the weather is excellent. Crime is almost non-existent. There are only 8 reports of crime incidents a year on average.


PUC offers a beautiful campus, if not one of the best in the world. The community of friends that you meet and all of the things you will have to learn and keep up to stay here. Its way tougher than most top rated schools.


The learning envrionment and the ablility to make friends is open and easy


The best feature of Pacific Union College is hands-down its low student-teacher ratio. With the exception of introductory science classes (which may hold about 100 students maximum), the average class ratio is 13:1. That is phenomenally low comparing with larger, more "prestigious" universities. Note that it is a student-TEACHER ratio, not student-graduate student ratio. All of this translates into a more personal learning experience. By the quarter's end the teachers know you quite well and you walk out knowing that they truly care about your academic success.