Pacific University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Welcoming and unique.


Pacific University offers many students opportunities that will open many doors for their future.


Pacific University is a small town college with amazing professors who work to help you achieve your goals.


Pacific University is my home, I feel so comfortable in being myself and not second guessing what others will think of me, that I have become what I hope to be the best version of my self.


Pacific University is a student-centered academic private university that encourages and supports personal interests by providing opportunities to learn from and work with highly qualified professionals in all conventional and even unconventional areas of interest where novelties are strongly welcomed.


Pacific is a very friendly place with lots of choices of activities. The staff is supportive and wants the students to do well. There is a large Hawaiian population and we have an awesome luau in April.


My University is small enough to get individual help, yet large enough to avoid small school drama.


Pacific is a very small school but perfect if you want small classes and want to know your professors on a more personal basis and visa versa. You can go to them with any questions and they are happy to help. The campus is beautiful, full of many trees and flowers. The campus is very family oriented, we are all part of one family.


Pacific University is a great place for you to grow as an individual, become involved in the campus, make new friends, as well as receive a great education where you can get to know your professors and other faculty at the university.


An acedemically challenging school that has a lively campus life.


A vibrant and interesting school with a great environment and an interesting choice of classes and professors.


My school is active in learning.


Pacific University is friendly and accepting.


A campus that is sometimes small, but with a passion for knoweldge and sincere relationships which is anything but tiny.


Pacific University is a college that puts each student?s education first by employing helpful, supportive faculty and creating a peaceful environment that is conducive for learning.


Exit 57. The begining to the Pacific experence. You pass through fields of nothing and begin to wonder if you took the right cut off. Then you see it. "Welcome to Forest Grove Home of Pacific University." Yes, youre in a small town, but thats it. Youre in a place where you choose what you want and control your own destiny. Pacific University is small, local and the place you want to be to experience new things, meet new people, emmerse yourself in different cultures and make a mark on your own legacy.


Pacific is an eco-friendly, career driven, well-administered school that places the needs of the individual above the almighty dollar.


This school has high expectations for students.


My school is the perfect size, that it makes it seem like you have a family and a home away from home.


My school is a small, private school that is accepting of everyone from art majors to pre-med students, where the class sizes average 17 students and were our president is always on campus and can be found enjoying lunch with everyone.