Pacific University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Hardworking, lively, funloving individuals.


My classmates are diverse and all seem very determined to get to where they want to be. Everyone here worked hard to get here, and is working hard to stay here and do the best that they can here.


My classmates are eager to learn and whenever you need help they are willing to take time out of their day to make sure you are up to speed.


They are liberal and artistic .


My classmates consists of 33 females including myself and two male dental hygiene students. Personalities range in my class from laid back personality to very serious and driven. There is a large range of culture represented in my class with each student bringing a little uniqueness of their values and culture. My classmates are mature and and in general very accepting and friendly to one another. What sticks out beyond cultures and the overwhelming ratio of female to male is the encouragment and help that is given from one student to another.


Most people at this school are very independent and are aware of them selfs


Occationally there are students who are just there because they can afford it and do not care about the education they're receiving, but for the most part the students are excited about what they're learning and enjoy the relationships they build among the on-campus community.


Pacific isn't very racially diverse except for the huge influx of Hawaiian students and some of them tend to be self-segregating. I guess the typical student would be white, female, middle class and liberal. Most Pacific students are from Oregon, Hawaii, California, and Washington and I would say most are lower-middle to middle-middle class with exceptions in both directions, so socioeconomic diversity is probably greater than at other private colleges. Religious students seem to be generally accepted here. There is a very active Gender Studies and LGBT club on campus. The student body seems pretty welcoming, but extremely intellectual students would probably feel out of place and wouldn't have enough like-minded students to engage with. Students wear jeans and hoodies to class, it isn't much different than high school in that way. There are pockets of activism (especially environmentalism and social justice) which you can seek out, and overall the school leans left, politically.


Very different.




My classmates are fun, creative, open-minded, and liberal.


My classmates are hard working students who still find time to have fun.


They are very fun, talented, easy going, caring, and very intelligent people. I love being around the people in my class.


My classmates are fun, intelligent, friendly, well-rounded, and have lots of potential.


Everyone is pretty friendly to everyone else, although about 1/3 of the student population is from Hawaii, and they get a bit clique-y.


My classmates are helpful.