Pacific University Top Questions

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Pacific University is a friendly school. Everyone including the professors, students, and faculty are nice and friendly. This school offered Dental Hygiene which I am interested in pursuing a career in some day.


Staff know you by name and are always willing to help a student. The campus is small there are only 3,000 students so you're bound to get to know the people around you preety well. Every floor has a theme for the fall semester we had a Nemo theme and people on that wing had a character from Nemo and below that it had the student's name. Our RA will ask how we're doing when she bumps into us, it's little details like that that makes you feel like people care about the students here.


Very interactive, intimate learning environment.


I fell in love with Pacific because by going there i have a higher percent chance of getting into the graduate program of my choice. I love Pacific because we are such a small school that most people don't even know we exist but we are still a very competitive school and are ranked among ivy league schools.


Pacific University is a small private school comfortably placed on the outskirts of Portland where one can observe the natural wonders of northwestern Oregon. The town is surrounded by green forests, farmlands, and neighboring small towns. The ambiance of Pacific University is that of a cozy, quiet environment whose students and faculty cheerfully greet each other every morning. The classes are small enough for individual attention. And the professors will set all of their time aside to work with you. It is a student-first attitude.


My school has a very small faculty to students ratio, so it makes it really easy to learn. My university offers many opportunities to study abroad too, which is nice because I would like to study Spanish in another country for a semester. Pacific University is a great learning environment because it is near Portland, Oregon, and it is also near the beach and many mountains for a lot of outdoor fun.


This school promised scholarships that no other schools offered (come to find out, it wasn't much). They also promised the latest in chemistry equipment (from the 90's maybe). And they also promised small class sizes, for the most part that has been true.


The learning environment is small, yet close-knit. Not only is education from the books presented to us, but also by those around us. There's a constant learning bubble around everyone on campus so you're educating yourself wherever you are on campus without really concentrating on the action.


The size of the classes, most schools i looked at have a minimum of thirty students if you were lucky, but here at Pacific, thirty is a maximum for most students, and most of my classes average ten people, and i love the interaction you receive from your teaches.


The faculty here are so invested in their students' success and learning. I've not had a bad professor yet, meaning that each professor I've had has engaged me in interesting theory, complex problems in life, and all of them have been very personal and sincere while doing so. I love the faculty at Pacific University.


We have a lot of Hawaii students and because the campus is not that big almost all the students know each other and really willing to help out fellow clasmates...Everyone is really friendly


the small classroom size and the attention given by professors. they want you to succeed.


It is small in comparison to lots of other schools in the area.