Pacific University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Pacific University has small student to faculty ratio which means that you get personal attention from faculty. You get to know each other on first name basis, and you see each other outside of just the classroom. Faculty members support students in all aspects, not just their academic interests. Many students are strongly encouraged to get involved with the community. The university has a strong connection with the city and it is mutually beneficial for both the local community and the academic community. Students have opportunity to do grad level research with faculty and present their work at conferences!


All the activities. There's always so much to do. And we also have amazing classes. The professors are interesting and teach a wide range of ideas and concepts.


Though it is unknown to many, I tell them of the grand academic success the university can provide. They have profound graduate programs and beyond adequate undergraduate majors to get your there. I feel proud when I say I go to Pacific University.


Pacific is a great size to know everyone and have the teachers know you.


Pacific is a very small, private school with only around 1,500 students enrolled in the undergraduate program. I love that I can always see a friendly face when I walk around campus. I also love how the campus is small enough to walk in about five minutes, but it does not feel stifling. It is also a gorgeous place to live!


The small class size and how the professors actually care about how you're doing in your classes.


The small class sizes, 10 - 15 students per class. And how great all of the professors I've ever had are. How easily accessible the professors are. I've been over to a couple of my professors houses for classes and for get togethers. My advisor/professor has end of the year parties at his house for the students in his deparment. I brag about how challenging the school is and how much you learn from the challenge.


What I tell my friends when they ask me about my school is that it is the perfect size but it can be boring at times but what places aren't. Also the teachers here are wonderful at least the ones I have had thus far. They are great at making people aware of issues and encouraging students to make friends as well as recycle. The resident hall that i am living in is great because it uses recycled rainwater for the toilets and there are designated recycle containers all over campus. Also the people are very friendly.


Our school has a lot of new buildings and all of them are green-built.


The small class sizes, the personal professors and how they all know your first name.